HOW TO: Not believe you are an Expert and keep on Learning

This is actually a point I wanted to share. When we get a length of tenure in work or overwhelmed by a raise, we tend most of the time feel we are already an expert on our field. Don’t believe it! Continue to educate self. It is not the Masters thing but rather those which have lesser cost yet equally informative and surprisingly it’s-already-there ways.

May it be learning a side topic from your field, refreshing the basics of your field, updating latest trends on your field or unlocking your potentials on a whole new field, a Closer allocates at least 5% of his wage for continuous education. These aren’t just updating self but also to relate to the varied guests you’ll converse with on your next close.


ATTEND LECTURES. Not the usual boring sessions we had in college. These are 5-15 person talks done on co working places. Try following pages of cafes/ coffee shops around your place. They post ads about this as they collaborate with people who conducts workshop on a topic. Of course choose the topics you are interested with. Advantage is, they filter the number of attendees. Fun, sociable and informative. And connections are made! you’ll never know your seatmate might be a help on your endeavors one day.

BUY A BOOK, CREATE AN ONLINE FORUM. Reading books has always been a classic and for me is the most free-styled way of continuous learning. As you’re done reading it, you could ignite sensible digitized review forum on platforms (like Reddit). You’ll be stimulated reading their sides, the pros, the cons! and yes, you’ll still be the one to filter which is and isn’t sensible and worth the discussion. It is online and it is exciting!

IMG_3111DATE A HUMAN LIBRARY. A knowledgeable friend or acquaintance about a topic you wanted to know! Treat him with a coffee while talking about the topic you’re interested in.  You could write notes or just simply treat it as a casual conversation and make it weekly until you’re satisfied with the schema he had shared. Intimacy makes this a quality learning. Try this on your next offday!

Those thus far are my little known ways to learn frugally, anything more you can suggest? Comment it.

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