How saying I LOVE YOU to your prospect leads to a Sale

Just as you execute your first handshake as you meet, mentally whisper through the eyes of your prospect, “I love you Mr and Mrs P.”

Knew this from the most senior sales manager of our organization. I laughed out from my belly when I heard this. Well, knowing him as a notorious in wooing woman, I mean women, I thought it was a joke. He did not bother though to tell the psychology. But he was in fact serious on that advise. I tried it. It worked. How? Here’s my take.

Mind Conditioning. Sales people have been oriented with this. Persistence beats resistance, I’ll Close deals today, Never listen to excuses. Those are all genres of mind setting. Saying ” I Love You” to your prospects on the other hand, has a more generic essence. You aren’t setting your brain directly to close a sale yet. You are setting your brain, so you feel interested to your guest. A sort of a warm up skill booster to achieve oozing enthusiasm to befriend your prospect first. An imperative on your take off towards an emotionally compelling pitch.

Spatial Magic. Trust me, no matter how exquisite the interiors of the presentation room is, those are nothing when you don’t feel a romantic vibe with the person across your table. Dictating your mind that you’ll be exchanging thoughts with an entity you love, reflects a magical fume around your venue. This is still a form of mind setting that passes through from your bearing to the spatial component where your relationship with the prospect will be plotted. And that relationship of course is none other but, the deal!

Sees more the good than the bad. From pre psychopaths to overly timid buyers, being in sales lets you converse with people on different wrappers with different contents. Furthermore, I know you would agree that there are just idiosyncratic times when you don’t like your guest. This is when saying “I Love You” to your guest as you meet is needed the most. The effect of doing so is like a neutralizing dose. Convincing your Limbic at front that you love your client sets your senses to always let their good side float and the bad side sink. This extends your patience in toxic clients and halts you from shutting down, saying goodbye to the sale.

Providing the benefits of your offer to your buyers isn’t just a one night stand. It isn’t just even a fling until incentives are released. It is rather, marriage like. A long term relationship, tenured as long as they are still using your product which is the symbolic you. They have loved getting your offer because they have loved you primarily. They felt it when you whispered you love them at your first encounter. Yes, even that kind of relationship – SELLING, shall be rooted with love.


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