DAVAO’S DOODS: World Street Food Master Awardee 2017 (Why you should try “Bawug”?)

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Just before strutting towards Kowloon City, YING KEE, a Michelin recognized street food for Wonton Noodles in San Po Kong, HK.

On my ambling moments along the streets of Kowloon City hunting for a famous Nasi-Satay, I once prognosticated that on the near months Filipino foods would also have its own taste of fame in the global dining table. T’was wintry January 2016.

A year and five months from that random prophecy, a street food Masters list just made me one of the proudest street food disciples. Another yardstick for calibre street foods apart from Michelin Guide, the World Street Food Congress listed 5 Philippine Street food stalls in their list of 50 World Street Food Masters 2017. One of these five, is in Davao.

Igniting more flame to every tourist’s gastronomic elope in Duterte’s City, Doods Ihaw Ihaw, a humble carinderia/ barbeque-han everyone could pass by near the rotunda on the vertex of Roxas and Ponciano streets, fronting the City’s Postal Building, made it to the 46th spot as a world street food Master for their “Sinugbang Panga” (wood fire grilled Tuna Jowl).

Depending on the cut’s size, price ranges from 120PhP to 450PhP. May be dine-in (with a 10PhP cup of rice, ice cold cola at 10PhP) or a foil wrapped takeout. Mr and Mrs Doods passionate for 12 years, deserves the world recognition. #relationshipgoals
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Like Mr and Mrs Doods, this couple hawker in Kowloon City’s Lan Ying has a Michelin listed Nasi goreng – Satay meal combo at 43HKD. #Relationshipgoals


The decade and two years old combo of the marinade and the basting oil sauce. That’s what made Doods’ peerless amongst grilled tunas you would ever try. Apart from that, the helming couple’s choice of serving only the “Bigeye” tuna species also dictates the quality of their award winning dish.

As told by “Mrs Doods”, “this species is really one that’s made for grilling. Especially the “Bawug” part of the jowl where layers of gelatinous fat melts and slather into the layers of meat once grilled.” This actually makes every spoon a flavor drenched bomb in every eater’s mouth followed by your plethora of pungent “sawsawan” (Yakitori sauce-like dip) drizzled rice.



Hop in to any jeepney that passes by Ponciano St. and ask one of the ever helpful Davao jeepney drivers to drop you at the Davao Light Building. Right across the street, the redolence of an andante grilled fish meat would smoothly guide your way. Be there by 9am to get the “Bawug” cut. When you want some real Davao street food dining immersion, lunch and dinner until 10PM is such a touristy jostle. Wander along Roxas Street Market a block away after.




Aling Lucing Sisig
Pampanga, Philippines
Corner G. Valdez and Agipito del Rosario Streets, Angeles City, Luzon, Philippines
Monday to Sunday, 6:00am to 3:00am I +63 45 888 2317
“SISIG” chopped hog head salad with soy, lime and chilli

General’s Lechon
Manila, Philippines
Second Floor, Petron Gas Station, EDSA Corner Arnaiz Avenue, Dasmariñas Village, Makati City, Manila, Philippines
Monday to Sunday, 9:30am to 9:00pm I +63 2664 1700, +63 2509 4122, +63 91 7853 2466,
Negros style, masala risotto “Lechon”

Zeny’s Pinangat (TAKE OUT ONLY)
Bicol, Philippines
PNR Rd, Gapo, Camalig, 4502 Albay, in Bicol, Philippines I +63 916 288 5491
“Pinangat” – simmered wrap of pork in dry taro leaves

Sharyn’s Kansi Beef Soup
Bacolod, Philippines
C58, Narra Ave, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental, Philippines,
7:30AM-9PM I 034 433 1374
“Kansi” Beef Soup

Doods Ihaw-Ihaw
Davao City, Philippines,
Roxas Extension (Rotunda), 9AM-10PM I 0909190 9146
“SINUGBANG PANGA” – wood fired grilled tuna jowl

*Also on the list are (14) hawkers from Singapore with the Michelin starred Hill Street Tai Hwa at the 1st rank for their Bak Chor Mee, (7) from Indonesia, (6) from Malaysia, (5) from Thailand, (4) from China, (3) from Vietnam (2) from USA, (2) from Mexico and (1) each from Taiwan and India.


Five on the list is a sating dollop for a first edition of the Masters. An appetizer for Pinoy foods making names on the international palate. Philippines, may it be native or culture melded cuisines has still a lot of award-worthy dishes that would continue to simmer every world wide food accolade (and every street food evangelist like us).

The decade and two years old combo of the marinade and the basting oil sauce. That’s what made Doods’ peerless amongst grilled tunas you would ever try.

Meanwhile in Davao, trot like a hobo in this city which isn’t just anymore best at its civil calmness but also the roost of a WORLD MASTER in grilled tuna jowls as per the World Street Food Congress Council.

Who made the list:

*Anthony Bourdain,  world renowned television personality, author and avid street food advocate *KF Seetoh, Makansutra’s Founder/CEO *James Oseland, Author of one of 2007’s Time Asia and the New York Times best books, Cradle of Flavor *Johnny Chan, Top China TV food host and winemaker (http://wsfcongress.com/world-street-food-congress/)



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