3 Sales Tips to Close a Deal on Your Birthday

Birthday deals are more of the sentimental ones. A close which adds more celebratory vibe to the date of your birth!

The number of birthday celebrations you had over the tenure of your selling career, is a monumental meld in your closing tale. It is a motivating index of how you had gracefully joggled your chronological age and professional age. Are you really making your sales record better as you are getting professionally older?  How “sales memorable” were your previous birthdays then? Have you ever handed an official receipt to a prospect with the same month and day that is written in your birth certificate?

Make it a goal. Close a birthday deal as a part of your enthrallment of the day you were born. Several tweaks from the usual non-birthday pitch should be done. Generally, let the prospect know that it is your special day and that you are ecstatic to celebrate it with them at the other side of the sales table.

  1. imageMake the warm-up easier by ridding off their resistance through self depreciating “hung over” spiel. (BUT you’re not really hung over!)              Squeeze in at least 3 more lines at the tail of your intent statement for this spiel. Casually ask a favor to bear with your head ache and several requests of glass of water during the entire meeting. Do not make it sound degrading to your credibility. This is supposed to sound that you are being true and fun that they will be hooked on listening to you until they are signing on the dotted line. Prospects would like you since you are letting them see a human part of yourself, not the salesman you. This is also such a unique conversation starter to befriend the husband. Ask “What is your favorite drink on your birthday party? Ask the wife about her hung over care when the husband gets drunk. Then topics would just vine. After all, In vino veritas, in aqua sanitas!
  2. Trigger more urgency through “since it is my birthday discount” (The fear of missing out.) Offer 2 more percent as a “since it is my birthday”  discount. For example, instead of swiftly offering the full 20% allowable discount, start first at 15%. When they haggle, close the deal at 17%. This is reinforcing the emotion of urgency with personal sentiment of celebrating your birthday. The general rule when negotiating is to prelude every concession you drop with the spiel, “since it is my birthday, What if…”

    If you really like the offer, and since it is my birthday today, what if I give you two percent more discounts. From 15, you will be saving 17% when you’ll get it today. Everyday is not my birthday. Would you take it? “

  3. Bundle a special after sales care on the deal (Mean it eternally!) Add value to the purchase they made on your birthday by extending your after sales availability to them. Include extended after sales services which you do not usually stretch to other buyers. For example, instead of just giving to them the contacts of the customer service, you could also give to them your email address or your personal mobile number (not just the office number). I even ask them to add me in Facebook or Linked-In. Be sincere and mean this for the rest of your sales tenure. Every time you communicate to these classified buyers, It also whispers a festive reminiscence of your previous birthdays. This even gives you a windfall list of qualified referrals.

Birthday deals do not necessarily have to be the lucrative ones. These are more of the sentimental ones. The deal you have closed on the day you are celebrating your nativity. A close which adds more celebratory vibe to the date of your birth! A happier birthday, Closer!


A Closer’s Boot Camp Journal: CrossFit Madayaw

I want to invest in my health this year by upgrading from my home-done calisthenics. I enrolled in a CrossFit program.


Investing in cryptocurrency and coining my domain are thus far the two most yuppie defining things I started in my yester birth months. This year, I want to invest in my health by upgrading from my home-done calisthenics. I enrolled  in a CrossFit program. This is my inducement journal of the 10-session boot camp.

Day 1 (September 11): Underpromise but Overperform

I was craving for chocolate moist cake,  but I chose the shredded corn and an egg-bacon sandwich. Filling! Protein! Commute time to the CrossFit Box is still healthy for me to eat these. I took the 4:30 PM session.

imageWarm Up started. Coaches were clear on their instructions and playful. They were very motivating like those friends who subtly bully you but really mean the best for you. The stretching routines once again reminded me that I’m not that malleable yet. Thus, I’m setting it a goal that after the boot camp, I’ll be able to perform the toe reach stretch with ease. Stretching helps to lessen muscle soreness post regimen. Thus, improving my stretching abilities would be an asset on this journey. Strength and Mobility drills were bearable so far (Thanks to my home gym routines). I met Regine who made me excited for the next session’s workout of the day/ WOD.

Day 2 (September 16) “Tessa”


As a decoy for hunger, I ate a Banana cue on my way to the box. Apart from the satiety effect in the tummy, Banana is rich in potassium which is healthy for muscle function. The caramelized sugar is enough for spiked energy for the entire session.

The Strength drills woke me up. We did the Tabata of Hollow rockers and Hollow body holds. It crushed my core. It felt like my ab muscles turned concrete like quick-dried cement then are cracked again in every rest. The WOD was charming. We agreed to do it all the way to 7 but she made me pant so hard at 3. Tessa was a sadist.

DAY 3 (September 18) “Cheyser”

imageMet the Man Maker. She sucked all the energy I stored for 48 hours for just 3 rounds. Cheyser was consuming. Decoy food: Steamed corn.

DAY 4 (september 20) “Marynel”

imageWas my first to try the 8 AM session. Sipped a cup of black coffee and ate two pieces of bananas before going to the Box. I took out a beef burger with egg on my way too.

The Strength drills and the KB swings with Nel made my lumbar muscles sore up to now. However, Nel was downright ideal. She had me exhausted. Then, she also had made me rested with ample intervals she knew wouldn’t make me pant. She toned. She sweated me up. Marynel was all I’ve wished for.

Spent more time at the gym after the session. Had a meaningful talk with Jazzie about her passion for blogging. Our talk with Coach Catz was revealing. We had some free training tips from him. We also learned that he is one of Hidilyn Diaz‘ coaches. Yes the 2016 Filipina Olympian. A matter of fact, they are actually cousins. That made me feel more confident following his weightlifting instructions. Coach Catz is an asset of this Box.

DAY 5 (September 21) “Hadjriah”


Took the same schedule like that of Day 4. I had a cup of coffee with cream before going. This was my last session to punch half of the boot camp program.

I was euphoric during the Warm Up. I finally got the first try of the Rowing machine which has been flirting with me since Day 1. The warm up drill was written “1000 meters row, 0.8 mile run”.

Accomplished all what she wanted me to do during the WOD. Just like a servile high school lad who first courted a girl you’d thought you would die for, I did it all but she never appreciated it. She made me feel that those sweat and tetanus aren’t still enough (physiologic tetanus). I swear I kept on trying until I was tired enduring twitch after twitch. She was more than a sadist. Hadjriah was indifferent. I devoured then a quarter of flame grilled chicken with three cups of rice.

*Updating this session after session. CrossFit Madayaw will also be opening their branch in Lanang this October 9. A healthy news for Northern arms like me!