8 Open Secrets to Close the Deal on the First Meeting

Money is never a reason of not buying on spot. It is the lack of fear of losing the ownership. Urgency.

When you know what and why you are suppose to do a maneuver before asking the ultimate close, you will not be setting the next meeting for a follow-up. The next meeting is set for either an after sales care affair or a pitch for a happy owner’s referral. On the list are things Closers are already doing but don’t really appreciate the rationale of doing it sharply. Thus making this list, the open secrets of on spot close.

πŸ“”A Handshake is not just a courteous gesture. It is also a closing tool.”

This may be modified but this will never be totally omitted in every sales encounter. Bridging hands is a relationship fundamental. Discover more of this secretΒ HERE.

πŸ“ “Cordial gestures are not simply for being hospitable. It is also a decoy for control.”

Never be servile. Let it all appear offhand. Be punctual to choose where to sit. Then, guide them toward the table when they arrive. Choose which corner has least distraction. Orient yourself where the toilet, smoking area and the nearest exit. These are helpful when you need to depressurize them. Give them choices of what to drink. Warm or cold? Giving them two options lets them feel they are in control but actually, since you delimited the choices into two, you are the one dictating.

πŸ“”Pre-pitch talk is not just simply to befriend the prospects. It is more of establishing emotional affinity.”

Never ever start pitching your offer unless you already have an emotional pact with your prospect. You have to be relevant to a specific compelling chapter of their life in order for them to hear what they are listening from you. This is how trust forms naturally. Let them associate you in a part of their life that when they remember it, they also remember you.

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Tip: Use social media account to specify the prospect’s hot button. Use this to befriend them but don’t be creepy seeming like a stalker. The last issue they post something about (avoid politics, religion and sexuality). The last vacation photo uploaded. The latest video or song they liked.

πŸ“ “Name is not known just to address the prospect. It is use to monologue involvement spiels.”

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We all learn this from Carnegie’s classic book. Your name is the sweetest word to hear. When the name has more than three syllables, ask how his friends call him. Don’t use sir or ma’am but Mister and Miss or simply their first names. Names are so powerful when throwing involvement monologues as you highlight your offer’s benefits. Childhood nicknames are also so effective especially for spiels of gratification for a fixated urge. Yearnings from childhood dictates behavior. Titles boost morale (Doc, Atty. Engr.). Use it when negotiating the price.


πŸ“ “Hearing the prospect’s expectations uses not just the ears. It uses the entire network of the inmost senses as a helpful purchasing barometer.”

Your gut. Your instinct. Maximize it. When you hear what your prospect expects, you can customize the pitch tailored to what they actually need. Hearing them helps you to modulate the kind of approach to use and pick which feature to highlight. Hear what they really want. Hear even what’s not audible. It is stated there what the heart really wants. Grimaces, gestures, eye behavior, silence, warmth (When they try to gulp a glass of water, how they switch seating positions).

When at the end of your pitch you still ask why you have not close the deal on spot, well it is because you have not done these eight secrets rightly. Still, KEEP TRYING.

πŸ“”A deal is not made with one big yes. It is formed with a series of preceding small Yeses.”

From small Yeses that increase your agreeability to the ultimate yes to confirm signing on the dotted line. The reason of talking about matters that excite your prospect during the warm up is to collect simple Yeses. Make it a goal to increase your agreeability with a meld of at least 10 Yeses or sincere nods before pitching the offer. These are from topics both of you and the prospects were genuinely involved at. Congratulations, You’re halfway to the big Yes.

πŸ“ “Tact is not just choosing the right words. It is also choosing the perfect timing.”

Basic rule is “Adjectives for involvement. Noun for action”. Be ultra sensitive to the effect of every word you say and when is the opportune time to drop it. Reserve synonyms on perfect junctures along your pitch. Use mental pause, laughter and intonations calculatedly. Influence is done with right tact and calibrated spontaneity.

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πŸ“ “Only Today Offer (Limited Time Offer) is not imposed. It is availed smoothly when you made a good job on insinuating the fear of loss over the hope of pleasure”

Urgency is the emotion of time. LTO works because of successfully triggering urgency on prospects. Do not just ask the prospect if they like being an owner. Ask if they like being an owner ON THE DAY. When they fear missing out an offer, it is unnecessary to explain why they have to get the offer on spot. Ask what delays their purchase whenever it is affordable now. Ask what if you can arrange a payment term for them, would they want to start it stat? Compose two on spot offer arrangements as your final close. Money is never a reason of not buying on spot. It is the lack of urgency – the fear of losing the ownership.

Many sales persons are already doing those supposed secrets. But most do not really know the rationale of why they are doing it which unfortunately leads to not knowing what is the desired outcome on the prospect’s reception. Thus, kissing the sale goodbye.

It is not enough that you know what to do. You also have to know why a certain maneuver has to be done. That’s the difference between you and the Master Closer. When at the end of your pitch you still ask why you have not close the deal on spot, well it is because you have not done these eight secrets rightly. Still, keep trying.

Every Closer on the line order knows the “Gameplan”. But only the front liners know the “secrets” on how really the Gameplan works. This is why Master Closers are assigned to the red leads. They master how to let the magic of the Gameplan work. The sorceries of selling – On spot.

Author: johnllamas

John Llamas is an Asian millennial who is passionately greedy in gleaning insights to be a Master Closer. An offline sales manager of the leading timeshare company in the Philippines. The online brain behind this link. Close on spot!

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