Men’s Dandy Pieces for this Season’s Corporate Events : The RajoMan Holiday Collection

Wrap the excellence of your corporate prowess with fabrics which flamboyantly appeal that you are definitely, the dandy of the industry. 



There are clothes we own for the daily corporate dealings. There are also drapes we invest for the annual corporate events. May it be dressing up for your moment on stage being the top Closer of the year, or simply being a stand-out as you enjoy networking with the associates, Rajo Laurel’s 2017 Holiday Collection has just everything you want to wear on this season of social gatherings.




Dubbed as “When I was 5”, festive colors, lavish fabrics and finishes of brilliant bead-work and enchanting embroidery define this year’s RajoMan Holiday Collection.

“We decided to call it “When I was 5″ because essentially my first memory of fashion was, I was with my parents at a party. I saw this lovely girl and for some strange reasons I was so attracted to her. I think she was a friend of my mom and she was dancing. And I asked her (as a five years old), are you wearing Tafetta? It was weird like she asked me what a 5 year old boy knows about what a Tafetta is. That’s what I remember. What I remember was the sound of the Tafetta when it was moving.” -Rajo Laurel





Bright jewel tones of deep plums, blissful blushes and luxurious blues dominate the collection with touches of sparkling golds and silvers.



These “When I was 5” wardrobe made from luxurious fabrics such as tafetta, crepe and gazaar are just perfect garb for any Holiday junkets.

As you celebrate the year-end victory of being the best in your field, remember to wrap the excellence of your corporate prowess with fabrics which flamboyantly appeal that you are definitely, the dandy of the industry.

These pieces are of limited pieces per style. Reserve yours at .


Author: John Llamas

John is a millennial Closer behind He writes about the Corporate lifestyle, Sales tips, Menswear and Davao city's Bleisure scene. Join his Closer-to-CEO journey on Facebook and Instagram, @johndappercloser.

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