4 Fun Reasons to be Messy with Shrimps at Blue Posts

We always have that friend who is always thankful of over-the-counter antihistamine tabs. Why? Because Shrimp is Lifer! (according to one of those 4 friends on my mind) And no other seafood restaurant gratifies best those episodes of cephalic and gastronomic shrimp cravings but the Davao homegrown, Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps.

Blue Posts Boiling Crabs and Shrimps Branches:
Bajada, Davao City
Lanang Business Park, Davao City
SM Ecoland, Davao City
The Block-SM North Edsa, Metro Manila
SM Mall of Asia, Metro Manila
O Square Green Hills, Metro Manila
Seascape Village, Pasay City



There is that bite! One does not need to be a Michelin Chef to qualify a best textured shrimp. What I know is, one keeps on being messy with shrimps at Blue Posts when he knows how shrimp should be sauteed. There is always that one familiar satisfying bite which your teeth, tongue and jaw unanimously enjoys! When there is an adjective as “fork tender” (meat), let it be coined that there is a “teeth tender” shrimp. It is at Blue Posts.


The Sambal sauce. I stop asking for the vinegar dip when they start offering this. I have always been a lover of Asian flavors. When I had my Singapore-Penang trip last 2016, I went home as a certified Sambal lover. That sweet, salty yet spicy sauce slather on an al dente bag of sauteed shrimps? Salivating! The Crew went to our table and ask. Refill Sir? (Ano po, Garlic Lemon Butter, Sambal or the Blue Posts Boiled? You know the answer!

The nautical interiors . The ambiance engulfs you that every edible portion you will try as you dine with your bare hands, is all fresh and prepared thoughtfully. I smell the sea inside. Perhaps it is because of the fishing nets, paddles and life rings which your sensation associates to a dining table set just in front of the briny atmosphere of the sea shore waiting for the fresh catch. It feels composed inside. Not until the bag is finally open for partaking with that shrimp-infused redolence. Attack!



The costume. One of the crew approached me and offered to don my bib. I felt like a master. There’s just this satisfaction boost when you feel like you are being served with things you know you can manage to do but someone offered it sincerely and you do not have a choice but to give in. I remember that as intense as I salivate whenever I think of the shrimps. When the food-grade wax paper is rolled out. When our gloves snugly fit inter-finger. The drama just makes the whole experience more gastronomically memorable! These actually appear to be more of ritual than function since Me and my appetite know seemly that I would still choose to be messy despite all the donning. These are Instagram props!

Indeed, there is a lot of fish in the ocean of seafood restaurants. But, there is an only of its kind shrimp diner in town serving exceptional bags of sauteed, sauced shrimp you love to get mess with. Devour. And bring with you the tabs. You or your friend might need it. Mess responsibly.

Blue Posts offers 911 Shrimp Fever. An unlimited shrimp for 2 at P911 only until December 8, 2017. Call for reservations now!

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