Blazers for Balls | One is Velvet. One is Plaid.

For as long as it fits your shoulders well, you can just simply choose which particular pattern is de rigueur to the varied attire-themed invitations.

What makes a blazer a go-to wear piece for evening events is, you do not have to be tied with a prescribed pair trousers (compared to suit). For as long as it fits your shoulders well, you can just simply choose which particular pattern is de rigueur to the varied attire-themed invitations, still owning that dashing dapper presence. You can not be more frugal too of just simply using those smart slacks you are wearing at work to pair a well chosen blazer.

One is Velvet.


For Black Tie evening functions, every man is expected to clad the usual black blazer jackets or the all black suit. You are a dapper! Thus, intend to wear one which stands out on details. The illustrious, Velvet.

Velvet to begin with, is such a luxurious textile to wear. But what makes a dapper sold to this as a gala wear is, the sheeny pattern when light kisses its smooth surface. Especially when it has embossed pattern (Brocade), Velvet definitely fortifies that the man behind it has a styling bar higher among the men at the gathering.

One is Plaid.


As boggling as how it is to be read \plad\ to how it is spelled p-l-a-i-d, refrain wearing this kind of pattern when you are about to do a sales pitch simply because of the strategic reason to not destruct your listeners’ visual focus. That exact fact of not wearing this at work is the very reason why it is a surefire hit to wear this on corporate occasions. Plaid is such a perfect pattern to exude a retro debonair presence. It is an epitome of vintage elegance.

The Christmas parties of 1969 were filled with plaid wear pieces, both the bold and the fine details (Got this from watching Mad Men). For a retro themed gathering, revitalizing the plaid pattern is a such a modish choice. Among the types of plaid, The Prince of Wales plaid is for me, has the most sophisticated appeal. The interlacing pinstripes which create the box patterns surely turn heads.


A FLORAL PATTERN EMBOSSED VELVET BLAZER, Davao Bloggers Society Grand Christmas Ball 2017 | Never disregard the effect of a sharply folded handkerchief at the breast pocket. A Shawl lapel is the best choice when you want to accentuate those shoulders and enhance that V-shaped stand. Get a sleek haircut-hairstyle of course. PHOTOGRAPHY: Jazzsayings, La Vie Photography, Wonologues



A PLAID BLAZER OF ORANGE AND BLUE THIN STRIPES, Company’s Retro Christmas Party 2017 | Own a pair of collar sticks. You need those to stiffen the collar until the after-party. The plain maroon tie and pocket hankie pair (the colors should be the same) and the gray pants, stimulate the eyes to trace more the orange and blue pinstripes creating the plaid. PHOTOGRAPHY: Chris Mae Joson, Lito Sy Photography


It is not a question anymore why you would add the blazer jackets in your styling artillery. The more pressing question now is, Which would you wear for the next social function? One which is Velvet? One which is Plaid?


Author: John Llamas

John is a millennial Closer behind He writes about the Corporate lifestyle, Sales tips, Menswear and Davao city's Bleisure scene. Join his Closer-to-CEO journey on Facebook and Instagram, @johndappercloser.

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