The usual Barber Chair to an All-IN Grooming Throne in Davao| Your CHOIce

Who wants to be known as an all-in achiever but unkempt than being a 100% achiever yet sleek?

A decisive man knows this so well – the demand to be a “better him” surges as he set a loftier goal after every achievement. The exhaustion from these efforts no matter how smooth we may execute it, takes a toll on our look. THAT LOOK which whether we like it or not, becomes a suffix to our honorable name. An appeal which becomes part of our reputation. This is when you realize that you have to be thoughtful to the emperor himself. Who wants to be known as an all-in achiever but unkempt than being a 100% achiever yet sleek? It is your CHOIce.


My Choice : The usual barber chair to an all-in grooming throne


Climbing up the corporate ladder demands sleekness. I always value both the credible first impression appearance and the winning presence of a won negotiation. Prospects crave for “that look” during the meet and greet while colleagues (competitors most of the time) capture that smirk the moment another lucrative deal is closed.



Exists only for the gents who always give all-in to his craft, CHOI provides an all-in grooming service every barber appointment you make. If you are used to settle that a cut ends with a blow-dry, your first CHOI CUT experience proves that you have been scammed with the pampering standards you believe you deserve all these years. That you are settling for less. That you are being less thoughtful to yourself. The CHOI experience bundles a relaxing massage and hot towel to the trivial barber routine, which revitalizes your zeal to success instantly after that last soothing wipe of lukewarm towel. The moment you look back at yourself in the mirror, you see a more vivid greatness in you.



Ever since my first CHOI Cut, I have always been assured that pampering myself is something I can now doubt-free delegate. A semi-monthly appointment with your CHOI barber is a reinvigorating part of your work-life ratio. This propels the emperor in you to keep growing your empire.


imageYou are already winning. You just have to be more thoughtful to yourself.


Planning to reserve a Barber’s Chair? No!

imageOwn a time being seated on your pampering throne.

That is the premium CHOIce.  

(082) 327 3153 I I FB: @choibarbersph









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