Coffee is for Closers | Would you judge a Macchiato by its smell?

The Tahitian vanilla component is not actually more of a taste bud experience but an “air in the mouth” sensation.

Starbucks Philippines offers back its Tahitian Vanilla Macchiato. Have you tried it? Here is how it is sizzled. Available in hot, iced and blended, It is an infusion of (1) velvety steamed milk (2) with aromatic, caramelly Tahitian vanilla syrup, topped with Starbucks Signature Espresso and finished with (3) vanilla bean specks and (4) vanilla drizzle in a classic double crosshatch pattern.

SBX18-305738 AP-Sp18 PR Image

I always want my coffee as hot. I love Starbucks’ mainstay caramel macchiato. Though it tends to be too sweet at times, I still enjoy asking for a free glass of water especially when I am on the last 1/4 of the portion. Considering that this new drink is a “caramelly” vanilla syrup made beverage with the intriguing “Tahitian” flair, I chose to try a new drink in its blended format for the first time. I preconceive it being way too sweet with the assumption that, the hot version might not be ideally sweet for me (as caramel macchiato being the sweetness reference) and that the ice in the blended version may at least try to neutralize the sweetness.

How it really tastes?


Not really too sweet. Totally the opposite of what I have expected that it might be irritant to the (my) throat. It smells the expected subtle vanilla sweetness. The first palate experience on every first sip is dictated with a caramelly sensation. As you try to take time enjoying, the after taste is dominated with the Tahitian vanilla component which is not actually more of a taste bud experience but an “air in the mouth” sensation. I would never judge a Macchiato or any drink’s sweetness ever again plainly through its vanilla smell nor through knowing that it contains a vanilla. A revelation from this taste test is that vanilla, Tahitian Vanilla to be specific, has a sweetness which is not from the tongue. And that for me is delicious, delightful and healthy.

This is a new palate experience every Macchiato fan should try. I would try the hot version soon.



Author: John Llamas

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