Three Traits I Learned From Dad That Made Selling Easier

Telling stories made me close a lot of accounts.

Whether or not you have that “ideal” relationship with your father, it is undeniable that we are greatly influenced with their qualities. As an idiom stresses, like father, like son.

For almost a decade in Selling, I was able to capitalize these three traits which resemble that of Dad’s. These made me thrive gracefully in the Selling industry.

52830CE1-5099-4558-868C-F72D3EE2343DDad is an advocate that alcohol is a social lubricant.

Never Prejudge

In my father’s words, “Dili gd nimo matag-na ang kaugmaun sa isa ka tawo”. I find this trait very useful in prospecting, banking leads and in creating business linkages. My father has always proved to me that letting a person feel important does not need any condition. I never saw my dad change his social treatment when talking to someone, may that be a friend from college who is now well-paid in his job or an acquaintance from the neighborhood he believes who is going to be big in time. 

Be Vulnerable

I saw him cry. I heard him say sorry. I witnessed him reprimanded by Mom of being rowdy when drunk.  I even beheld him off-guarded when a friend proved his argument as weak during a boozing session. These all made him appear tough as a father to me. These made me respect him even more. His being human. His being vulnerable, transgressing both the social machismo and the omnipotent-omniscient father image.

This trait helps me a lot during the entire Selling process. That it is ok to let the prospect see how you get disappointed and hurt. That it is ok to be sorry. That it is alright to be wrong (to recognize what is the correct) and that does not make you less of a respectable and competent  professional. Be “You” on the sales table. Be more of a Sales Human than a Salesman.

Telling stories made me close a lot of accounts.

Know a Lot of Anecdotes 

Dad never runs out of real stories. This has influenced me so much that I even use his anecdotes in every pre-pitch talk. It always feels that those stories are mine that it always warms up my prospect everytime. Humans just love being hooked in a storyline. This made me realize how persuasive one can become when people crave for the next part of your narration. Telling stories made me close a lot of accounts. 

Just if you are asking, my father is not a salesman. Dad is a seafarer. A thoughtful  father who catches up from the 9 long months of being away from us, every time he is signed-off from his nautical contract. Happy Father’s Day also to your dad, may you be so like him or just a little bit. 

Author: John Llamas

John is a millennial Closer behind He writes about the Corporate lifestyle, Sales tips, Menswear and Davao city's Bleisure scene. Join his Closer-to-CEO journey on Facebook and Instagram, @johndappercloser.

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