PayMaya Releases Newly Designed, EMV-enabled Card | How to Get | How to Upgrade

Free from annual fees. No activation needed. Use here and abroad.

Request for your PayMaya Card NOW at Download app first. Complete steps below.

The Philippines’ most in-demand e-wallet for sending money and shopping continues to usher the Filipinos towards the comfort of “Cashless Living” with its newly designed and doubly secured PayMaya Card.

“This newly designed EMV-enabled card is in line with our efforts to help curb fraud as we are doubling the layers of protection for our growing number of millennial users. This is also our first way to show our strong support to the Banko Sentral’s mission to protect the hard-earned money of our account holders.” – Kenneth Palacios, Head of Wallets Business at PayMaya Philippines


PayMaya is one of the first in the world to utilize this feature. This makes it easier for owners to brandish the card on social media or in person without carelessly exposing sensitive details that could threaten their money’s security. The edge is aesthetically and functionally inked with apple green for easier identification whenever the card is piled or arranged with other cards.


The new PayMaya card is equipped with Europay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV) technology. A useful security standard especially when traveling to other countries where your fund’s safety is of as paramount concern as your welfare. The new PayMaya Card is transaction-ready, no pre-activation needed, here and abroad.

“An EMV card is a credit or debit card with an embedded microchip and associated technology designed to enable secure payment at compatible point of sale (POS) terminals. Compatible terminals enable card dipping for chip and PIN or chip and signature authentication. EMV cards can also support contactless payment through near-field communication (NFC) wireless connectivity. When a customer inserts or taps the payment card, the terminal communicates with the card issuer’s system for authentication and a single-use transaction code is issued. The customer inputs their PIN or signs to provide two-step verification. PIN entry is considered more secure because it also provides two-factor authentication: something the user has (the card) and something the user knows (the PIN).”  -

It is empowering to benefit from a reliable technology that makes daily finance-related tasks easier. As someone who experiences this in every PayMaya transaction, I am convinced to share this solace with those who belong in my circle. They, too, deserve ease from the burdens of money handling in this “APPed” world where a currency is not just in the form of paper money or cash anymore.

Go ahead. BE PATIENT in teaching them the comfort of living with PayMaya – your still skeptical parents, your curious younger siblings, your wondering senior office mates, even that equally deserving stranger with a smartphone. Such is your mission as a millennial. PayMaya turns the things that you “then can not” into #NowYouCan through the mobile app, QR codes, and the improved PayMaya card.


How to get the New PayMaya Card

  1. Download the Paymaya App. Get it on Google Play or on the App Store. 01426188-49DD-4AD1-A05B-8A3AF50B73AF
  2. Register with your personal details. Use our code, copy 1p374rl and paste.
  3. Add money: The easiest for me is through 7/11. Tap “Add Money” choice found at the App. Then choose the 7/11 box. Type the amount and tap continue. Show the bar code to the 7/11 cashier. One new PayMaya card costs PhP 200. So add more than that amount to enjoy more the PayMaya App services.
  4. Request for your PayMaya Card at or For Android: Tap MENU. For iOS: tap MORE. Then tap MY CARDS. Tap GET IT HERE.
  5. Wait for the delivery. UPRGADE YOUR ACCOUNT meanwhile. Steps below.
  6. Activate Card. Follow the instruction sheet enveloped with your new card.
  7. Add more money (especially when traveling abroad!). Add Money and Spend up to PhP 100,000/ month. UPGRADE YOUR ACCOUNT first. 
  8. Link the app and the card as one wallet. Card has NO annual fee.
  9. Shop and dine to any worldwide establishment that accepts Visa and MasterCard. Enjoy better foreign exchange rates too!
  10. Withdraw extra cash on any BancNet ATM nationwide and any VisaPlus machines worldwide.
  11. Monitor your expenses in real-time via app and SMS updates here or abroad. Easily block the card when lost or stolen. On the App, tap “More”. Then choose “My Cards”, Select the stolen/ lost card in the list. Tap Block
  12. Know more offers at


1. Log in to the PayMaya app. For Android: Tap MENU. For iOS: tap MORE. Then tap UPGRADE FOR FREE.

2. Submit required information and upload photo of YOUR VALID ID (not your photo. Your ID). You need at least one (1) primary ID or two (2) secondary IDs. Make sure all IDs can be seen clearly in the photo.

3. Wait for a verification code sent through the app & SMS. Use this as reference during your face-to-face validation.

4. Tap START VIDEO CALL to talk to the UPGRADR OFFICER who will validate your application. Once application is approved, you may now enjoy the perks of an upgraded PayMaya account!

Author: John Llamas

John is a millennial Closer behind He writes about the Corporate lifestyle, Sales tips, Menswear and Davao city's Bleisure scene. Join his Closer-to-CEO journey on Facebook and Instagram, @johndappercloser.

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