Menswear and Christmases in the Wild | 3 Looks for Safari-themed Parties

Following the dress code is a social courtesy.

Christmas parties, may it be hosted by your company, your clan or a comrade, turn out to be merrier (and more Instagam-worthy) when guests join the fun of dressing up according to the prescribed party outfit. Equally significant to the merriment, is social courtesy. Following the dress code is an example of that gathering etiquette.

What if this year, the invitation states “Safari Night”, “Christmas in the Wild”, or “African Christmas”?  Here is a three-look style guide to mingle!

It was indeed a wild safari night Christmas! Davao Bloggers Society (DBS) during the Safari Night Christmas Party 2018. The 2018-2020 Officers (chairs in front) with the official members, brand partner representatives and exclusively invited guests.
Safari Christmas details from the three events featured on this Style post. (Clockwise) A safari-inspired table centerpiece, DBS Safari Christmas Party 2018. A bite-size party appetizer on a leaf-shaped plate, SM Lanang Premier (SMLP) Christmas Tree Lighting 2019. A hunter’s meaty bag for the Christmas dinner – Bone in Ham, Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao Christmas Tree Lighting 2019


Wear the Palette|The SM Lanang Premier “Christmas Wonders in the Wild” Christmas Tree Lighting 2019

A safari style color palette for your reference.

The colors in the safari style palette are easy to mix and match. These colors exude both manliness and the flora and fauna of the wilderness. Before going to shops just to buy a new piece for the party, skim through your closet first. You might already own one or even all the pieces with the safari colors that you can work on in achieving a fitting look for the party.

ABOUT THE LOOK: This is a Preppy Metro-Casual outfit. A smart casual look consists of a golden brown knitted polo and a green chino with light brown plaid pattern. Plaid suggests both the preppy and yuletide vibe. Knit is an opportune fabric for the Christmas breeze. Complete the look with a black tasseled leather loafer. 

Animal print Christmas balls adorn the 50-foot Christmas tree at the SM Lanang Premier atrium.

You are going to a party to mingle, right? Then start “mingling” by dressing up with such reason.



Wear the Persona | The Davao Bloggers Society “Let’s Get Wild” Safari Night Christmas Party 2018

Brand Partners, Thank You!

True to all other dress codes, identify a celebrity or influencer, a movie/ TV series character who looks good at wearing it. Or an occupation who is associated to the theme. Identify and wear not just the outfit but as well as the persona. Treat your look as a costume and strut it with the associated attitude.

ABOUT THE LOOK : This is a “Lux Tent Safari Dinner” attire. A semi-formal safari dinner look inspired from both a hunter and an affluent safari tourist. The all-white monochrome of the pair is accessorized with safari-colored scarf and a safari hat with plaid pattern. Fabric for the undershirt and polo is light cotton while the pants’ is made out from linen. Finish the look with a brown tasseled leather loafer and a just-came-from-the-safari-trip vibe of satisfaction.

Equally significant to the merriment, following the dress code is a social manner.


Wear the Print | The Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao “Bold and Bright Holidays” Christmas Tree Lighting 2019

Prints (and patterns) are loud details to show how good are you at following the prescribed party attire. There are prints which are synonymous to the motif. These can be considered as safe, easy and predictable choices. Just be that wearer who gives an extraordinary bearing to such prints. Stand out as you own it “not” the way everyone wearing the same print is doing.

ABOUT THE LOOK : Here is a “Classique Leopard” garb. A cocktail night look with the classic animal print long sleeve. The shirt is purposely unbuttoned for a seductive play of the print. The pair is a complementing light brown pants with a high waist cut for a more dapper stand. Climax the ensemble with a well-polished black tassel loafer.


The 15-foot Christmas tree of Waterfront Davao is festooned with over 50 Moroccan lamps like these!

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Explore also other animal prints like cheetah, snow leopard, jaguar, zebra, tiger, clouded leopard, margay, ocelot, spotted hyena, striped hyena, African wild dog, constrictor snake, giraffe or monkey.

There are ways to pull off a “de rigueur“ outfit without spending much. Know the elements of the motif. These are the palettes, prints and persons associated to the theme. Be creative. Strut your look as it is your own style. Ultimately, enjoy being a true merrymaker with substance and social manner as you party!

You are going to a party to mingle, right? Then start “mingling” by dressing up for such reason – to mingle, to socialize, to associate, to mix together, to dress like. And remember, Christmas socials should get wilder every year. Merry Christmas! 

The Ateneo de Davao University Chorale, SM Lanang Premier (SMLP) Christmas Tree Lighting 2019


Author: John Llamas

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