Recruitment Scam : False Job Postings For Pilipinas Shell

Verify any job posting first. No placement fee required.

Pilipinas Shell issued a warning to the public against unscrupulous individuals who have been using the name of Pilipinas Shell in falsely recruiting applicants and then asking them to pay for supposed placement fees and the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Reports reaching Shell revealed that fraudulent individuals and/or organizations posing as the company’s HR personnel have been posting fake job advertisements online instructing applicants to submit their resume to, a fictitious email address which is not an official email account of Shell or any of its partner organizations.

Do not contact this email.

Following the submission of the resume, applicants are then reportedly instructed to advance an unspecified amount to cover a cash bond and the cost of PPEs, with an assurance that the amount would be reimbursed once the applicant gets the job.

Once monies have been transferred, the scammer cuts off all contact with applicants.

In a statement, Shell clarified that these individuals and/or groups are not connected to Shell. The recruitment process is done via official channels only and without requiring placement fees.

Shell adviced prospective applicants to contact the company through its official channels to verify job postings.