Holcim Multifix is the “Instant Mortar” you need just in time for your quarantine home makeover

“The simplicity of Holcim Multifix provides homeowners convenience and value for money,” -Holcim Senior Vice President for Marketing and Innovation Ram Maganti 

The imposed quarantine may have not made us love STAYING at home. But you would agree that because of the stay-at-home advisory, we have learned to LOVE our humble abode more. We have noticed the cracked part of our flooring, the damaged corner of our wall… virtually all that needs a makeover. How much do you really love your home? Have you started the repair? 

Whether you are hiring a contractor or doing the repair yourself, the good news is, Holcim Philippines has launched the only all-in-one drymix product in the Philippines, the Holcim Multifix. It is a new easy-to-use and multipurpose mortar product that can help improve the quality of walls, floors, and tile installation. 

The latest “instant mortar” is a combination of sand and cement enhanced with polymer for better performance that can be used just by adding water. Holcim Multifix is produced in the company’s drymix plant removing the need for users to combine materials on site thus ensuring uniform quality and right proportions for the application of the mortar. Being factory produced significantly reduces wastage of building materials such as sand thus making the product friendlier to the environment.

Holcim Multifix is now available in Luzon. It will be  introduced in Mindanao in the first quarter of 2021

“We developed Holcim Multifix in line with our company’s commitment to continuously produce innovative building solutions that do not just bring value to our customers but are also sustainable for the environment. Holcim Multifix helps make it easier for our partner builders to produce good quality walls. It is factory-mixed using Holcim cement and quality sand for superior performance. It is modified with polymer for outstanding adhesion compared to on-site mixed mortars as well as better crack resistance. Since we are not screening sand, there will be lesser material wastage. And last but not the least, Holcim Multifix is the only all-in-one drymix product in the Philippines. These are the Five Star Advantage of Holcim Multifix,” Holcim Senior Vice President for Marketing and Innovation Ram Maganti said.

“Holcim Multifix’s Five-Star Advantage means more business for contractors as it helps improve building quality and lessens reworks that can eat up time for additional projects. The simplicity of Holcim Multifix, meanwhile, provides homeowners convenience and value for money,” Maganti added.

Being in a lockdown have resulted us to learn new skills and “take things into our own hands”. Just in case loving your home means retouching it to own stronger walls and more concrete floors, leading building solutions provider Holcim Philippines, Inc. has a new innovation for your family and your home, the Holcim Multifix in 25-kilogram bags. It is the latest in the company’s line of drymix products which includes Holcim Skim Coat and Holcim Tile Adhesive.


Holcim Philippines, Inc. (Philippine Stock Exchange: HLCM) is one of the leading building solution companies in the country. The Company has a deep portfolio of innovative solutions fostered by a full range of products from structuring to finishing applications that can help local builders execute with high performance and efficiency a wide range of projects from massive infrastructure to simple home repairs.

With cement manufacturing facilities in La Union, Bulacan, Batangas, Misamis Oriental and Davao, as well as aggregates and dry mix business and technical support facilities for building solutions, Holcim Philippines is a reliable partner of builders in the country.

Holcim Philippines is also committed to the highest standards of sustainable operations and manufacturing excellence with its plants certified under ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management System), ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management System) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health and Safety Management System).

Holcim Philippines is a member of the LafargeHolcim Group, the world leader in the building materials industry present in 80 countries with over 75,000 employees.



Author: John Llamas

John is a millennial Closer behind www.johndappercloser.com. He writes about the Corporate lifestyle, Sales tips, Menswear and Davao city's Bleisure scene. Join his Closer-to-CEO journey on Facebook and Instagram, @johndappercloser.

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