Two Korean Business RomCom Series For Salespeople | Entertainment That Matters

You need these like a bowl of piping hot Jjamppong on a breezy night.

I am sure you miss your workspace, your work buddy, or your work rival should you have one, or perhaps a work lover whom the HR did not know about. If you do so, well, you are not alone! It is because of such longing that I was able to rediscover entertainment during my breaks from work-from-home sessions. I consumed a genre of entertainment from our Asian siblings up north: popular Korean TV series.

As a new certified K-drama fan, I started listing K-series with plots revolving around sales and marketing, business, and finance. Believe me. They make good versions of those types of series aside from their undoubtedly appetizing Kimchi. My list is still a short collection, but I am excited to discover more of this genre, knowing that I can smoothly stream videos using my phone or laptop at home. 

My only criterion: Series that are focused on business or sales, with romance on the side, instead of the other way around. 

  1. Kkondae Intern 
Aired from May 20 – July 1, 2020, Kkondae Intern is a Korean workplace comedy-drama about the lives of the Sales and Marketing department employees of an instant Ramyeon company.

This series has got to be the number one. Sales executives would exactly see themselves in Mr. Ga. From your first rejection as an intern to the first promotion of your first mentee, you will definitely enjoy reminiscing your journey climbing the corporate ladder while watching the series. The “Sell me this- “ scenes like that of Jordan Belfort’s “Sell Me This Pen” in The Wolf of Wall Streetare surely both a savory dose of entertainment and a subtle review of your closing skills. Dapper alert: You will love his suit and necktie combos. 

2. Itaewon Class

Aired from January 31 to March 21, 2020, Itaewon Class is a Korean business rom-com series about the journey of starting up a food business to building it as a large business empire.

The most compelling lesson for me in this series is how your gains from an investment can actually buy the corporate empire of your mentor (or enemy). The motivational message of realizing such a dream was so clearly and artistically unfolded. It provided me a lot of realizations while I was bingeing on the episodes. The series also shows how social media marketing works, how important it is to take care of your people, and how strategic it is to bend your principles when your business necessitates it. 

The two Korean business rom-com series I recommended somehow served as a therapy to my yearning of going back to office-based work. The scenes made me look at relatable corporate encounters from a different perspective, which I am excited to apply once we all go back to work face-to-face. 

Play a little. Play an episode between video conferences or during days off. Trust me. You need those like a bowl of piping hot Jjamppong on a breezy night. Give yourself some air and lay low for some time. Take a break from beefing up resumes and amassing sales incentives. Do not worry. Your work rival is doing the same. He is reading this. 


Author: John Llamas

John is a millennial Closer behind He writes about the Corporate lifestyle, Sales tips, Menswear and Davao city's Bleisure scene. Join his Closer-to-CEO journey on Facebook and Instagram, @johndappercloser.

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