Home Makeover Guide: New Year. New Space. Also, New Aesthetic Home Items

Make sure that your home furnishings are reasonably priced and functional, and at that, exude aesthetic pleasure. 

To ring in our new life stage, we transferred to a commodious space for our young family on the first day of the year. And what then is more exciting when moving in than stuffing your new space with the items that foster daily positivity and calmness. As new parents, we are making sure that these furnishings are reasonably priced and functional, and at that, exude aesthetic pleasure. 

We started purchasing items for the dining area and since picked every stuff slowly and consciously. Below are some of the mood boards that we want to gradually achieve until mid-year. You might want to check it out too.

Along with channeling creatively your excitement of decorating (or redecorating) your space, one should also consider following a strict budget by setting every part of the house or according to a specific theme of homewares as “per project”. Consider prioritizing health and safety as well by having the items ordered online and delivered at your doorstep than buying them in person at stores. It is still risky. 

Project 1: Minimalist And Airy Rattan Pieces

Own these pieces too. Tap on the links below:

Project 2: A Vintage Home Office Collection

Retro-fy your workspace at home too! Tap on the links below to shop:

Project 3: Tidy And Timeless Kitchenwares

Complement your interior design of choice with these refreshing wood and white set as well. Own these by tapping the links below:

Project 4: Pastel Skincare Studio Ensemble

Make sure to achieve a couple’s vanity corner that reminds you to be ageless. Own these fixtures too. Tap on the links below to shop.

Looking for more homewares? Choose from the wide array of Home and Living items on Shopee PH here: https://shp.ee/5jx83rh


Author: John Llamas

John is a millennial Closer behind www.johndappercloser.com. He writes about the Corporate lifestyle, Sales tips, Menswear and Davao city's Bleisure scene. Join his Closer-to-CEO journey on Facebook and Instagram, @johndappercloser.

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