PayMaya Releases Newly Designed, EMV-enabled Card | How to Get | How to Upgrade

Free from annual fees. No activation needed. Use here and abroad.

Request for your PayMaya Card NOW at Download app first. Complete steps below.

The Philippines’ most in-demand e-wallet for payment, sending money and shopping continues to usher the Filipinos towards the comfort of “Cashless Living” with its newly designed and doubly secured PayMaya Card.

“This newly designed EMV-enabled card is in line with our efforts to help curb fraud as we are doubling the layers of protection for our growing number of millennial users. This is also our first way to show our strong support to the Banko Sentral’s mission to protect the hard-earned money of our account holders.” – Kenneth Palacios, Head of Wallets Business at PayMaya Philippines



PayMaya is one of the first in the world to utilize this feature. This makes it easier for owners to brandish the card on social media or in person without carelessly exposing sensitive details that could threaten their money’s security. The edge is aesthetically and functionally inked with apple green for easier identification whenever the card is piled or arranged with other cards.


The new Paymaya card is equipped with Europay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV) technology. A useful security standard especially when traveling to other countries where your fund’s safety is of as paramount concern as your welfare. The new PayMaya Card is transaction-ready, no pre-activation needed, here and abroad.

“An EMV card is a credit or debit card with an embedded microchip and associated technology designed to enable secure payment at compatible point of sale (POS) terminals. Compatible terminals enable card dipping for chip and PIN or chip and signature authentication. EMV cards can also support contactless payment through near-field communication (NFC) wireless connectivity. When a customer inserts or taps the payment card, the terminal communicates with the card issuer’s system for authentication and a single-use transaction code is issued. The customer inputs their PIN or signs to provide two-step verification. PIN entry is considered more secure because it also provides two-factor authentication: something the user has (the card) and something the user knows (the PIN).”  -


It is empowering to benefit from a reliant technology that makes the daily finance-related tasks easier to do. As someone who experiences this in every PayMaya transaction, I am convinced to share this solace to those who belong in my circle. They too, deserve the ease from burdens of money handling in this “APPed” world where currency is not just anymore in a form of paper money or cash.

Go ahead. BE PATIENT in teaching them the comfort of living with PayMaya – your still skeptical parents, your curious younger siblings, your wondering senior office mates, even that equally-deserving stranger with a smart phone. Such is your mission as a millennial. PayMaya turns the things which you “then can not” to #NowYouCan through the mobile app, QR codes and the improved PayMaya card.


How to get the New PayMaya Card

  1. Download the Paymaya App. Get it on Google Play or on the App Store. 01426188-49DD-4AD1-A05B-8A3AF50B73AF 
  2. Register with your personal details. Use our code, copy 1p374rl and paste.
  3. Add money: The easiest for me is through 7/11. Tap “Add Money” choice found at the App. Then choose the 7/11 box. Type the amount and tap continue. Show the bar code to the 7/11 cashier. One new PayMaya card costs PhP 200. So add more than that amount to enjoy more the PayMaya App services.
  4. Request for your PayMaya Card at or For Android: Tap MENU. For iOS: tap MORE. Then tap MY CARDS. Tap GET IT HERE.
  5. Wait for the delivery. UPRGADE YOUR ACCOUNT meanwhile. Steps below.
  6. Activate Card. Follow the instruction sheet enveloped with your new card.
  7. Add more money (especially when traveling abroad!). Add Money and Spend up to PhP 100,000/ month. UPGRADE YOUR ACCOUNT first. 
  8. Link the app and the card as one wallet. Card has NO annual fee.
  9. Shop and dine to any worldwide establishment that accepts Visa and MasterCard. Enjoy better foreign exchange rates too!
  10. Withdraw extra cash on any BancNet ATM nationwide and any VisaPlus machines worldwide.
  11. Monitor your expenses in real-time via app and SMS updates here or abroad. Easily block the card when lost or stolen. On the App, tap “More”. Then choose “My Cards”, Select the stolen/ lost card in the list. Tap Block
  12. Know more offers at


1. Log in to the PayMaya app. For Android: Tap MENU. For iOS: tap MORE. Then tap UPGRADE FOR FREE.

2. Submit required information and upload photo of YOUR VALID ID (not your photo. Your ID). You need at least one (1) primary ID or two (2) secondary IDs. Make sure all IDs can be seen clearly in the photo.

3. Wait for a verification code sent through the app & SMS. Use this as reference during your face-to-face validation.

4. Tap START VIDEO CALL to talk to the UPGRADR OFFICER who will validate your application. Once application is approved, you may now enjoy the perks of an upgraded PayMaya account!

PayMaya is the Philippines’ leading digital financial services company. It is the FinTech arm of Voyager Innovations, backer by PLDT, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR), Tencent (WeChat) and World Bank’s International Finance Corp. (IFC) and IFC Emerging Asia Fund.


First Blockchain-dedicated Co-working Hub in PH opens in Davao City

“Kadena Hub” will house, incubate and accelerate upcoming startups in Davao City in a 120-people capacity modern-industrial space.

Do you have that Blockchain-inspired startup in mind? “Kadena Hub” is where to pitch for funding.

TraXion, as one of its ways to transition the Philippines to a crypto-ready country, is set to open “Kadena Hub” this January 15, 2019 which will serve as the Philippines’ First Blockchain Incubation Hub and Center of Excellence.

TraXion Logo

TraXion is a transaction management company that utilizes blockchain technology to effectively tackle all the major concerns associated with financial services platforms in agriculture and micro-entrepreneurship.

Located at Mabini corner Araullo St., Barangay 9-A, Poblacion, Davao City , “Kadena Hub” will house, incubate and accelerate upcoming startups in Davao City in a 120-people capacity modern-industrial space. By January 2019, the hub will start to train young developers in the field of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

“A lot of innovative projects focused on blockchain will be housed here to support our growing network from Mindanao. The hub will enable startups to have an access to technology, digital asset, network, market, mentorship and of course funding! We welcome startups this coming 15th of January to check us out and apply for incubation, “ Ann Lindayag, Traxion CEO said.

Kadena Hub is one of the projects of TraXion under “One Mindanao” program which sees an opportunity to create an inclusive ecosystem that connects the smallest micro-entrepreneurs to the largest businesses in Mindanao, creating one economic force in the region.



Menswear and Estate | Summer at Ocean Cove

The ambitious vibe of the urban living is always arousing especially to the bold dreamers. But these aspirants also long for the beach vibe.

One of the guests I was able to network with during the Philippine Airlines event two months ago, told me about the ostentatious difference between today’s Davao city from his last visit four years earlier, “I am from Mandaluyong. I last visited Davao perhaps around 4 to 5 years ago. And it’s really very different now. It is like the renaissance of Digong’s turf, an infrastructure rebirth.”.

Over the past two years, Davao’s economic age is indeed on its puberty. Corporations which are used to be boxed in Manila, are starting to build their Mindanao offices around the Durian city. More obviously, as you commute around the city now, real estate properties sprouted creating seemly like a bar graph on your horizon.

May your choice be a condominium, house and lot or just simply a lot, I rest the decision on to you and to your affordability. My point here is, what if that peaceful Davaoeno neighborhood you aspire is now found in the soothing charm of the French Riviera?

A French Riviera-inspired community along the Davao Gulf. An aspiration, isn’t it?

Ocean Cove Beach Residences :  A microcosm of a peaceful Davaoeno neighborhood in a French Riviera

View from the clubhouse: The playground and the cabana with view deck overlooking the breathtaking sights of the Davao Gulf.


Ocean Cove Beach Residences is an 18.3-hectare French Riviera-inspired seaside community located in Davao’s scenic Bago Aplaya, Talomo District. Only 12km from Davao City, it is highly accessible to both public and private transport via the access road leading to Mergrande Ocean Resort. It is your seaside home with typical lot cuts at 144-250 sqm. More details at .



The promenade for your daily dose of relaxing stroll with the fresh sea breeze.


Men U Open Collar Shirt : The supple seaside wear

The coastal vibe of Ocean Cove blends with a perfect seaside wear. Pieces which are made from materials which protect from the pinch of the sun but are light and supple for the breeze of the sea.

The infinity pool with the amazing landscapes of Samal Island and Talikud Island.


UNIQLO from torso to thigh: Men U Open Collar Shirt, Uniqlo Slim Fit Shorts. PHOTO by (Above) French framed. PHOTO by Joseph Cagas Photography (Below)






A fabric which moves with you when you are enjoying the shore vibe but seemly traces your silhouette when you are paused, staring at the horizon, waiting for the sea wind’s next blow.



Gothic Diagonals. PHOTO by






The disposition of where you live is influential to a city resident. The ambitious vibe of the urban living is always arousing especially to the bold dreamers. But these aspirants also long for the beach vibe. That soothing chi of the shore, twice a week or even the hours after work, everyday.

May your stay in a seaside be frequent or forever, enjoy the seconds with perfectly matched wearables. Aspire a style that suits to the estate.


Dating Tool for your FIN Life : The ADVISOR MATCH

We all want to disclose private details, (especially finances) to a person we truly like.

A staggering 88% of Filipinos worry about their financial situation in case something happens to the family’s breadwinner. A statistics which proves that majority of the Filipinos perceive the impending fiscal discomfort when the family’s provider fails to sustain the clan’s financial needs.

On the other hand, Philippines’ first and #1 life insurer, Sun Life Financial Inc. teams up with over 11,000 financial advisors to educate Filipinos on alleviating such worriment through providing guidance on how to achieve lifetime financial security. Advisors who are armored with professionalism, a caring attitude, a winning mindset, and an inspired vision.

What a brilliant match!



In order for these skilled advisors to be more accessible and compatible to the more financially conscious Filipinos, Sun Life puts the spotlight on the value of meeting a trusted financial partner via the #SunLifePerfectMatch campaign through the Advisor Match tool. It is also an opportune crusade for the Financial Independence Month of June.

It is like the 90s’ dating game show but is rooted with specific credentials one demands for a personal Financial Advisor. We all want to disclose private details, especially finances to a person we truly like. More than just a handy online tool, Advisor Match indeed, let us be in control and choose the Financial Advisor we deem as we “like”, we deem as trustworthy, we deem as the brighter choice!

  1. Click image
  2. Enter your location to generate a list of advisors in your vicinity. Each profile contains a short description of their credentials and how they can extend help – a very nifty way to show you what they have to offer. 
  3. Fill out the form so the advisor could set the convenient meeting details with you.


Sun Life emphasizes four core values that every financial advisor should possess: (1) professional in doing business; (2) one who cares for your welfare; (3) a desire to win for your dreams; and (4) an inspiring commitment to serve rather than sell.

“We’ve seen a growing interest in personal finance lately with the number of inquiries and requests for advisor referrals doubling the past couple of years. We are happy to share that we are now empowering Filipinos to choose their very own Sun Life Advisor with just the click of a button. With Sun Life’s Advisor Match, they can be assured of finding competent and committed financial advisors to help them achieve their financial goals,” affirmed Sun Life Philippines Chief Marketing Officer Ms. Mylene Lopa. After all, finding your #SunLifePerfectMatch should never be difficult.

There are only 16% of Filipinos in the Philippines who claim to have life insurance. The educated few. The prepared few. How about you?


Go to to experience the Advisor Match tool and learn more about finding the right partner in your financial journey.

*Statistics is from the Study of Lifestyle and Relationships (SOLAR) conducted by Sun Life.

About Sun Life Financial
Sun Life Financial Inc. is a leading international financial services organization providing insurance, wealth and asset management solutions to individual and corporate Clients. Sun Life Financial has operations in a number of markets worldwide, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, India, China, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bermuda. As of March 31, 2018,  Sun Life Financial had total assets under management of $979 billion. For more information, please visit

Sun Life Financial Inc. trades on the Toronto (TSX), New York (NYSE) and Philippine (PSE) stock exchanges under the ticker symbol SLF.