After 8 Birthdays in Sales, Here are 9 Tips on Negotiating

For anyone who wants someone to say yes.

Ask for it! When they say “No”, ask for it again more creatively.

Spending eight birthdays in the one call close sales industry means pitching to roughly 2,496 different prospects. These are sales table encounters with an offer only available on that same day you first met the client. No follow up calls.

Resistance is always part of the journey to getting that on-the-day Yes. This teaches me the mindset of “Ask. Then, ask it again.” That before such resistance turns to a total rejection, you can always negotiate. Negotiate with articulate persistence.

Recognize the sugar-coated “No”

Most of the prospects would subtly say no to you. By far, “No” generally has many templates. Identify when the prospect starts to say “No”. Don’t shut down. That is in fact, your sign to start negotiating. Start by asking “Why?” and isolate the “No because they cannot afford the standing offer.” among the hundreds more of “Nos” just to stall the on-the-day purchase. You can only adjust the paying options if the prospect admits that what is stopping them from owning today, is only the price tag.

I will think about it. I will be back. I am not closing my doors. I am not deciding today. I will ask our lawyers. – These are all vague statements of saying no. Your job is to assist the prospect to verbalize that if there is a more affordable price for them to own the offer on the day, they will get it.

Photos from my Birthday lunch. Thank you for this, Team!

Customize the “nego-currencies”

There are a lot of currencies to keep the negotiation going. List in mind these “nego-currencies” and remember to lay only up to 2 cards at a time on the sales table. Do not give too much. Incentivize the close by adding only up to three. Punish by replacing one with another lesser currency as perceived by the prospect. Probe the prospect’s urges in terms of purchasing new offerings and their subjective treatment of money. That is why you have to be good at small talks.

Negotiation currencies can be the variables in the paying arrangement like maximum discount, standard down payment to signing-in reservation, number of years to pay, cooling-off period, escalating payments etc. It can also be overtures like referral incentives, giveaways or add-ons. It can also be a feature which you reserved as a negotiation bullet. It is already part of the package but you deliberately spare it to highlight, sensationalize and add weight to the value of the offer. I coin this as a “Closing Surprise”. It can also be cards that only you possesses which then add greater value when they get the offer from you. These are your trustworthiness and sincerity to provide the solution of their felt need, your expertise in both the product and the market, your passionate after sales services, and even the pride of being one of the owners who purchased from you (Coin a label like “Broker of the Affluent Families”). You can actually make millions of nego-currencies. Just be creative.

Ask again. Even after the 8th, 9th or 10th No.

You can close the deal even at the parking lot, even before the prospect decides to go home. I can remember several couples whom I congratulated for their newest ownership just before the husband turned on the engine. Keep asking for the Yes but remember to let them realize the favor you are making for them every before dropping a repackaged bundle. Appraise the value of every options you are giving to them. Do not beg. Persistence beats resistance. Never use the Puppy Close. It is not for Closers.

Think, talk, want, wait, pant, pause – Negotiations may leave you unbuttoned, untied but never undefeated.

Intimidate with compliment

Negotiation is an interplay of desirable and undesirable emotions. Sarcasm, provocation, frankness, and confrontation are used with compliments, imagery, humor, sizzle and charm to modulate the fire of finally setting a win-win agreement. An instance is when the husband tends to be passive, that means No. After three tries of starting a conversation about the purchase, if the prospect still seems dead about buying, awaken them. Pinch their ego. “When was the last time you have given something like this to your beautiful wife?” Pause until he answers. Your goal is simply to re-energize their lethargic emotions. Ignite again a communication. A fight is still a communication. Be keen on the difference between a “silently deliberating for the purchase” versus a “quiet too shy to say No” prospect.

Cheers to more new accounts!


Be vigilant which among the features excite them. Observe this during the product presentation. Refresh those benefits with more compelling involvement stories as you show how reasonable the tag of your offer is. Remember it is natural that when a price is placed side by side with the benefits, a prospect feels a varied level of apprehension and resistance. Restate, emphasize and spell out louder those memories which made the desire to own your offer. Facilitate the emotions attached to the ownership to rise up above the fear of leaving their money on the table.


When it is the prospect who demands that they deserve more or when you feel that the prospect can afford to own the larger variant, walk them through to the bigger account. Ask why they think they deserve the higher price tag when it is something they deserve. Then, reinforce this with financial logic and emotional triggers. Greater price equate to more benefits and reasonability compared to the less priced versions. Let the prospect appreciate that. Sold the prospect more with the emotions of exclusivity that not every prospect you encounter daily can afford what they are about to get. Add that it is not acceptable to lose something “more” they believe they deserve. Upselling can be selling the higher package, selling more than one to the same prospect or sell another one for the tag along.

There are accounts closed by merely providing articulate silence and thoughtful space.

The “least to lose” play

Prospects need the emotion of time and number to facilitate their decision. Urgency. Say “Before I finally stand, let me show you the best arrangement I can make.” Switch your sitting position like you are about to stand. Write the latest package. Reinforce some benefits and reasonability of the latest arrangement. Ask for the close.

I also find Mark Cuban’s style so effective (Go start watching Shark Tank!) “I have this offer. Whether you would say yes or No, I have to hear your answer after the counts of 3” Ask if they agree. Present the repackaged offer, pause for 5 seconds then count 1-2-3. I have closed several accounts through this. It works especially to men who play the ball games. Try it.

Show the terms. Do nothing!

This is about the “silently deliberating for the purchase” prospect I am talking about in number 4. Yes they exist. There are accounts closed by merely providing articulate silence and thoughtful space after writing the paying quotation. Just remain silent until they ask a question or when the couple/ party feels like having a private space to talk about the purchase, you may leave them at the sales table for some 3-5 minutes. Leave a glass of water and a calculator to them. When you go back, assume the close. Ask, “How will you settle the deposit today, Card or Check?”

Say “No” even if it could be a “Yes”

This for me is exactly the art of negotiation. Yes, you too can say “No” at least twice before saying yes. A case in point is when a sold out Chinese asks for more discounts. Sparingly give the maxed out discount. Instead, start with a 10% discount. The frugal prospect asks 15%. Say No. Reinforce benefits of your offer. The prudent prospect still asks the 15%. Still, No. Let them feel they are losing the offer. Throw more involvement spiels on the benefits. Ask a closing favor. You are giving the 15% discount if the prospects gives five referrals. Ask for the close.
When you give a negotiation currency without hesitation, your negotiation partner generally thinks that if they had asked for more, it would have been given to them. Remember “Closing Favor”.

Sweater and Long Sleeve Shirt from Uniqlo. Thin striped pants from Folded and Hung. 

Of the 2000 plus negotiation partners, obviously those did not all end up to a deal. Seven to thirteen of the closed accounts are lay down deals but the rest are closed through a scalding negotiation. Why do we negotiate?CD82603D-8C6F-40D1-A842-EB78DEAB247955511384-C106-4A2C-BE7E-5A3A3D19AE19

When you truly believe that your offer gives a solution to what your prospect needs, fight for their welfare. Fight not beg. A happy owner needs a persistent Closer. Prospects are more emotionally attached to their money. It is then you as the Closer who turns that attachment to the value of comfort instead. You negotiate because the prospect deserves to own your offer.

Nowhere to go but Up! 


Think, talk, want, wait, pant, pause – Negotiations may leave you unbuttoned, untied but never undefeated. Just like your favorite sports or for a more intense outtro analogy, just like making love with switching dominance and submission. It is fun negotiating.

It has been fun negotiating.

Style and Socials | Creating Contacts at the Enderun Cocktail Night

The corporate dealings may it be inside the board room or at a social event space, set a code of specific pleasantry.

Collateral to Davao’s recent commercial fame, the city is gradually reshaping its venues for social events and corporate gatherings. After all, functions host social interaction which is imperative for every business partnership.

Events at Enderun Azuela Cove : A much-anticipated event site south of the Philippines

The latest addition to Davao’s array of spaces for social events is Events at Enderun Azuela Cove. Situated inside the so called cradle of the “crazy rich Asians” of Davao, Enderun’s tent is a 2,000 sqm. air-conditioned venue that can accommodate up to 1,500 guests, with a sprawling parking space, at the most strategic corner of the city.


The Events at Enderun Azuela Cove follows the same tradition as the first Enderun Tent in Taguig City. It offers a similar portfolio, handling corporate and social events as well as broader engagements such as conventions and exhibits. In addition to serving as a top-class event space, it is also set to be the anchor of a new Enderun campus in Davao.image


Enderun Hospitality Management Managing Director Chef Thomas Wenger.

From crisp to creases : Linen over cocktails and contactsimage

Social events are electrifying. You are warming up almost every attendee to identify that common ground that ignites a promising business tie-up. Such excitement though, along with the intermittent sips of that enticing spirits in a glass makes us feel a bit steamy no matter how freezing the venue is.

Especially when you have found that soul-talker and the conversation gets really interesting, we tend to feel warm within that space from our skin to the undershirt and from your undergarment to your outer drape.  This is the very reason why I am more mindful of the kind of fabric I am wearing when attending socials.

I pick that fabric which prevents me from being near roasted and allows me to skip wearing the undershirt. I am obsessed with linen-made formal shirts recently. With either a mild or heady cocktail on my hand, it just breathes. It is cool and light to wear.

Brown linen shirt (Uniqlo) tucked into a navy blue ankle pants. Framed it with a chocolate brown weaved leather belt (Uniqlo) and fortified the look with a leather tassel dress shoes. PHOTO BY : Jeff Sison of


Linen easily wrinkles. That is the other reason why I love wearing it during events. It makes your look unique among the sturdy shirt clad invitees. It is the ripples that bring aesthetic to the look. It even emphasizes the cuts in your arms (which you were working out hard at the gym). It crinkles but still holds its shape specific to your body’s built. It looks care free yet still tidy.

STYLING SCOOP: Though linen easily wrinkles, I choose to press it with the ironing spray I use for my office Barongs when attending socials. The crisp exudes that sharp and credible first impression to every person you will meet during the earlier part of the event. Never attend the formal event with an already wrinkled linen shirt.

The beauty of garbing linen during event is like the euphoria we get to feel when sipping cocktails. You arrive at the event with it being crisp. Then, gradually creating the creases as you become more sociable as the conversation gets more involving.

The corporate dealings may it be inside the board room or at a social event space, set a code of specific pleasantry. But a crinkled shirt is not necessarily a code-breaking style. Not when it is a linen.


Azuela Cove is an estate by Ayala Land with The Alcantara Group. Ayala Land is the Philippines’ leading developer of sustainable estates offering a diverse mix of quality residential and commercial developments that support local economic growth.

Enderun Colleges is a four-year undergraduate college committed to the highest international standards of academic excellence in the fields of international hospitality management, entrepreneurship and business administration. The College provides a career-ready environment with its industry-specific programs, highly experienced faculty, international academic partners such as Ducasse Education in France, and intensive internship placements. Enderun graduates possess the core competencies that are in high demand by industry leaders worldwide. On April 17, 2018, Aviana Development Corp, a joint venture between Ayala Land and The Alcantara Group, signed a deal with Udenna Corporation for Enderun Colleges to operate and manage Events at Enderun Azuela Cove.

Style and Estate | Summer at Ocean Cove

The ambitious vibe of the urban living is always arousing especially to the bold dreamers. But these aspirants also long for the beach vibe.

One of the guests I was able to network with during the Philippine Airlines event two months ago, told me about the ostentatious difference between today’s Davao city from his last visit four years earlier, “I am from Mandaluyong. I last visited Davao perhaps around 4 to 5 years ago. And it’s really very different now. It is like the renaissance of Digong’s turf, an infrastructure rebirth.”.

Over the past two years, Davao’s economic age is indeed on its puberty. Corporations which are used to be boxed in Manila, are starting to build their Mindanao offices around the Durian city. More obviously, as you commute around the city now, real estate properties sprouted creating seemly like a bar graph on your horizon.

May your choice be a condominium, house and lot or just simply a lot, I rest the decision on to you and to your affordability. My point here is, what if that peaceful Davaoeno neighborhood you aspire is now found in the soothing charm of the French Riviera?

A French Riviera-inspired community along the Davao Gulf. An aspiration, isn’t it?

Ocean Cove Beach Residences :  A microcosm of a peaceful Davaoeno neighborhood in a French Riviera

View from the clubhouse: The playground and the cabana with view deck overlooking the breathtaking sights of the Davao Gulf.


Ocean Cove Beach Residences is an 18.3-hectare French Riviera-inspired seaside community located in Davao’s scenic Bago Aplaya, Talomo District. Only 12km from Davao City, it is highly accessible to both public and private transport via the access road leading to Mergrande Ocean Resort. It is your seaside home with typical lot cuts at 144-250 sqm. More details at .


The promenade for your daily dose of relaxing stroll with the fresh sea breeze.


Men U Open Collar Shirt : The supple seaside wear

The coastal vibe of Ocean Cove blends with a perfect seaside wear. Pieces which are made from materials which protect from the pinch of the sun but are light and supple for the breeze of the sea.

The infinity pool with the amazing landscapes of Samal Island and Talikud Island.


UNIQLO from torso to thigh: Men U Open Collar Shirt, Uniqlo Slim Fit Shorts. PHOTO by (Above) French framed. PHOTO by Joseph Cagas Photography (Below)






A fabric which moves with you when you are enjoying the shore vibe but seemly traces your silhouette when you are paused, staring at the horizon, waiting for the sea wind’s next blow.


Gothic Diagonals. PHOTO by






The disposition of where you live is influential to a city resident. The ambitious vibe of the urban living is always arousing especially to the bold dreamers. But these aspirants also long for the beach vibe. That soothing chi of the shore for perhaps, twice a week or even the hours after work, everyday.

May your stay in a seaside be frequent or forever, enjoy the seconds with perfectly matched wearables. Aspire a style that suits to the estate.


Easy Ways to Save-as-You-Shop Big at OFFPRICE Philippines

Still be mindful with our savings without compromising the quality of rewards we give to our hardworking self.

OFFPRICE (formerly TOPS – The Off Price Show) is Philippines’ largest roving outlet sale where premium lifestyle brands are tagged at up to 80% lesser from corresponding online or mall boutique prices.

Premium brands at ultra low prices is indeed a money-saving privilege every shopper desires to experience all year round. But that is just a dream because Offprice only visits key cities in the Philippines once in a year. Thus, when you really want to score big when it roves near your place, you have to be ready. Here are some practical buying tips when shopping at Offprice.

Know when it roves near you. Follow OFFPRICE PHILIPPINES across social media platforms. Knowing the roving schedule helps you to set healthy budget for shopping, schedule specific amount to be saved months before its opening and check which piece in your closet needs a new one or list new stuff you now need to own.

Some of the best deals I got from Offprice 2017 in Davao. A Parker fountain pen which still keeps on writing big-ticket deals until now (Top Left). A Zara white shirt with thin blue stripes (Top Right) and a French Connection green shirt with thin white stripes. Both favorites for office dealings or weekend escapades.

Offprice in fact, helps us to still be mindful with our savings without compromising the quality of rewards we give to our hardworking self.

Be there on the opening day. (You know well how the cliché means.) Offprice usually stops for only three (3) days in every city, usually on a Friday until Sunday. It has specified inventory on each branded piece. It is not for everyone to own. It is only for the early birds. Thus, be there at 11AM or even earlier. On the first day. Register for your lifetime membership card at the entrance for rebates from accumulated purchases (That is an additional savings).

Compare sizes. Most apparels follow a US size measurement. Check first if the Medium still snugly fits you or you might be fit to the Small. There are also Asian sizes though. Thus, check the sizes in every premium brand you hop in.

Hoard first. Don’t rush queuing to the fitting room with only a handful. Get baskets and hoard pieces at your size. You come in early. You deserve the dibs!

Fit. The Offprice staff are good at assisting you. Be kind to them. They group your choices into 4 to smoothen the fitting. If it does not fit well, let it go. Stains and tears are not really concerns with Offprice items, but it still pays to check. When you just love that particular item which is too loose for you, get it. Your tailor would still charge you far lesser than the brand’s real selling price.

Pay. Cards are accepted – Enough said.

Owning premium brands through Offprice does not make you a money splurger. Offprice in fact, helps us to still be mindful with our savings without compromising the quality of rewards we give to our hardworking self. Save as you shop!


The usual Barber Chair to an All-IN Grooming Throne in Davao| Your CHOIce

Your first CHOI CUT experience proves that you have been scammed with the pampering standards you believe you deserve all these years. That you are settling for less. That you are being less thoughtful to yourself.

Who wants to be known as an all-in achiever but unkempt than being a 100% achiever yet sleek?

A decisive man knows this so well – the demand to be a “better him” surges as he set a loftier goal after every achievement. The exhaustion from these efforts no matter how smooth we may execute it, takes a toll on our look. THAT LOOK which whether we like it or not, becomes a suffix to our honorable name. An appeal which becomes part of our reputation. This is when you realize that you have to be thoughtful to the emperor himself. Who wants to be known as an all-in achiever but unkempt than being a 100% achiever yet sleek? It is your CHOIce.


My Choice : The usual barber chair to an all-in grooming throne


Climbing up the corporate ladder demands sleekness. I always value both the credible first impression appearance and the winning presence of a won negotiation. Prospects crave for “that look” during the meet and greet while colleagues (competitors most of the time) capture that smirk the moment another lucrative deal is closed.



Exists only for the gents who always give all-in to his craft, CHOI provides an all-in grooming service every barber appointment you make. If you are used to settle that a cut ends with a blow-dry, your first CHOI CUT experience proves that you have been scammed with the pampering standards you believe you deserve all these years. That you are settling for less. That you are being less thoughtful to yourself. The CHOI experience bundles a relaxing massage and hot towel to the trivial barber routine, which revitalizes your zeal to success instantly after that last soothing wipe of lukewarm towel. The moment you look back at yourself in the mirror, you see a more vivid greatness in you.



Ever since my first CHOI Cut, I have always been assured that pampering myself is something I can now doubt-free delegate. A semi-monthly appointment with your CHOI barber is a reinvigorating part of your work-life ratio. This propels the emperor in you to keep growing your empire.


imageYou are already winning. You just have to be more thoughtful to yourself.


Planning to reserve a Barber’s Chair? No!

imageOwn a time being seated on your pampering throne.

That is the premium CHOIce.  

(082) 327 3153 I I FB: @choibarbersph









Blazers for Balls | One is Velvet. One is Plaid

For as long as it fits your shoulders well, you can just simply choose which particular pattern is de rigueur to the varied attire-themed invitations.

V-neck tees for casual wear. Blazers for eveningwear.

What makes a blazer such a go-to wear piece for evening events is, you don’t have to be tied with the prescribed pair trousers (compared to suit). For as long as it fits your shoulders well, you can just simply choose which particular pattern is de rigueur to the varied attire-themed invitations, still owning that dashing dapper presence. You can’t be more frugal too of just simply using those smart slacks you are wearing at work to pair a well chosen blazer.

One is Velvet.


For Black tie evening functions, every man is expected to clad the usual black blazer jackets or the all black suit. You are a dapper! Thus, Intend to wear one which stands out on details. The illustrious, Velvet.

Velvet to begin with, is such a luxurious textile to wear. But what makes a dapper sold to this as a gala wear is, the sheeny pattern when light kisses its smooth surface. Especially when it has embossed pattern (Brocade), Velvet definitely fortifies that the man behind it has a styling bar higher among the men at the gathering.

One is Plaid.


As boggling as how it is to be read \plad\ to how it is spelled p-l-a-i-d, refrain wearing this kind of pattern when you are about to pitch simply because of the strategic reason to not destruct your listeners’ visual focus. That exact fact of not wearing this at work is the very reason why it is a surefire hit to wear this on corporate occasions. Plaid is such a perfect pattern to exude a retro debonair presence. It is an epitome of vintage elegance.

The Christmas parties of 1969 were filled with plaid wear pieces, both the bold and the fine details (Got this from Mad Men). For a retro themed gathering, revitalizing the plaid pattern is a such a modish choice. Among the types of plaid, The Price of Wales plaid is for me, has the most sophisticated appeal. The interlacing pinstripes which create the box patterns surely turn heads.


Never disregard the effect of a sharply folded handkerchief at the breast pocket. A Shawl lapel is the best choice when you want to accentuate those shoulders and enhance that V-shaped stand. Get a sleek haircut-hairstyle of course. PHOTOGRAPHY: Jazzsayings, La Vie Photography, Wonologues



Own a pair of collar sticks. You need those to stiffen the collar until the after-party. The plain maroon tie-pocket hankie pair (the colors should be the same) and the gray pants, stimulate the eyes to trace more the orange and blue pinstripes creating the plaid. PHOTOGRAPHY: Chris Mae Joson, Lito Sy Photography


It is not a question anymore why you would add the blazer jackets in your styling artillery. The more pressing question now is, Which would you wear for the next social function? One which is Velvet? One which is Plaid?

Own more blazers as you own more V-neck tees.

Men’s Dandy Pieces for this Season’s Corporate Events : The RajoMan Holiday Collection

Wrap the excellence of your corporate prowess with fabrics which flamboyantly appeal that you are definitely, the dandy of the industry. 



There are clothes we own for the daily corporate dealings. There are also drapes we invest for the annual corporate events. May it be dressing up for your moment on stage being the top Closer of the year, or simply being a stand-out as you enjoy networking with the associates, Rajo Laurel’s 2017 Holiday Collection has just everything you want to wear on this season of social gatherings.




Dubbed as “When I was 5”, festive colors, lavish fabrics and finishes of brilliant bead-work and enchanting embroidery define this year’s RajoMan Holiday Collection.

“We decided to call it “When I was 5″ because essentially my first memory of fashion was, I was with my parents at a party. I saw this lovely girl and for some strange reasons I was so attracted to her. I think she was a friend of my mom and she was dancing. And I asked her (as a five years old), are you wearing Tafetta? It was weird like she asked me what a 5 year old boy knows about what a Tafetta is. That’s what I remember. What I remember was the sound of the Tafetta when it was moving.” -Rajo Laurel





Bright jewel tones of deep plums, blissful blushes and luxurious blues dominate the collection with touches of sparkling golds and silvers.



These “When I was 5” wardrobe made from luxurious fabrics such as tafetta, crepe and gazaar are just perfect garb for any Holiday junkets.

As you celebrate the year-end victory of being the best in your field, remember to wrap the excellence of your corporate prowess with fabrics which flamboyantly appeal that you are definitely, the dandy of the industry.

These pieces are of limited pieces per style. Reserve yours at .