Three Traits I Learned From Dad That Made Selling Easier

Telling stories made me close a lot of accounts.

Whether or not you have a “Hallmark” relationship with your father, it is undeniable that we are influenced with the qualities of our Dad. As an idiom stresses, like father, like son.

For almost a decade in Selling, I was able to capitalize these three traits which resemble that of Dad’s. These made me thrived gracefully in the Selling industry.

52830CE1-5099-4558-868C-F72D3EE2343DDad is an advocate of alcohol as a social lubricant.

Never Prejudge

In my father’s words, “Dili gd nimo matag-na ang kaugmaun sa isa ka tawo”. I find this trait very useful in prospecting, banking leads and in creating business linkages. My father has always proved to me that letting a person feel important does not need any condition. I never saw my dad change his social treatment when talking to someone, may that be a friend from college who has now a well-paying job or a hardworking neighbor he believes who will going to be big in time. Dad is not a politician.

Be Vulnerable

I saw him cry. I heard him say sorry. I witnessed him reprimanded by Mom of being rowdy when drunk.  I even beheld him off guarded when a friend proved his argument weak during a boozing session. These all made him appear to be a strong father to me and made me respect him more. His being human. His being vulnerable, transgressing both the social machismo and the omnipotent-omniscient father image.

This trait helps me a lot during the entire Selling process. That it is ok to let the prospect see how you get disappointed and hurt. That it is ok to be sorry. That it is alright to be wrong (and recognize what is the correct). And that does not make you less of a respectable and tough professional. Be “You” on the sales table. Be a Sales Human than a Salesman.

Telling stories made me close a lot of accounts.

Know a Lot of Anecdotes 

Dad never runs out of real stories. This has influenced me so much that I even use his anecdotes in every pre-pitch talk. It always feels that those stories are mine and it works everytime. Humans just love being hooked in a storyline. This made me realize how persuasive one could become when people crave for the next part of your narration. Telling stories made me close a lot of accounts.

Just if you are asking, my father is not an Account Man. Dad is a Sea Farer who is thoughtful enough to catch up on the 9 months of being away from us, every time he is signed off from nautical contract. Happy Father’s Day also to your dad, may he be near you or afar!

Timeless Tidiness

My Selling garb which has stayed glorious and has been my drape for the most defining deals of my Selling profession – The White Collar Dress Shirt. #TimelessStyle #ElectroluxFashionCare 

Styling your Corporate Wear is challenging. It is about following the company’s dress code while at the same time asserting your own stroke of fashion, fortified with your exemplary work performance. What I mean is, it is not merely dressing up sharply. It is about being known to do so, accompanied with your workmates’ admiration of  you being second to none in achieving your work goals. 

For almost eight years in Selling, the work wear fashion has really been changing – colors, patterns, fit and kind of fabric. Being someone who believes that I should dress according to how I want to be addressed, my office wear style has also bent with the blow of the corporate fashion wind. However after all those years when most of the work wear trend just passed by and now are gone, a timeless tidy piece remained. My Selling garb which has stayed glorious and has been my drape for the most defining deals of my Selling profession – The White Collar Dress Shirt. 

The “cleanliness” of White reflects credibility and conscientiousness. This sends an assuring idea to the person you interact with that you know what you are doing and that you are doing it right. #TimelessStyle  

White in Selling

White as a color, owns a strategic appeal in dealing with people to begin with. Preserving its timeless tidy “whiteness” means preserving this appeal to keep you best in dealing with your prospects, towards winning new accounts. 

White is simple and smart which denotes a non-judgmental appeal. It assures the person you are meeting with that they are not prejudged in terms of the capacity of buying either the lowest or the highest tag in the display. That is the most apprehensive and annoying lurking a possible buyer should not ever feel. The pleasantness of White makes the prospect feel great spending time with you. Hence, enhancing your agreeability and engaging presence.

The “cleanliness” of White reflects credibility and conscientiousness too. This sends an assuring idea to the person you interact with that you know what you are doing and that you are doing it right. #TimelessStyle


White is simple and smart which denotes a non-judgmental appeal. #TimelessStyle

How to keep a timeless tidy White Shirt

  1. CHOOSE THE COMFORTABLE FABRIC. Wearing white gives you that mild anxiety of being stained. That is part of the choice of wearing a tidy office wear. An ease from this is to choose a fabric that gives you comfort while in White. Choose those which are light and breathable like Linen and incorporated Cotton like the Oxford. Choose also those which are easier or do not need ironing. Recent offerings in the market now are those which are “super non iron”, “easy iron” and “wrinkle resistant”.
  2. OWN TWO OR EVEN MORE OF THE SAME STYLE. One of the style tricks Don Draper of Mad Men taught me is to own a lot of white corporate shirts and stock these both at the office and at your closet at home. White never sends the idea that you repeatedly wore the same shirt when you have properly took care of its “same as new” whiteness. Thus, it is ideal to own more even of the same style.
  3. TREAT STAINS FIRST. May it be a blood stain from a scratch, a pen’s ink or even that stain from after work eat out or booze, I always see to it to soak it with water and detergent as soon as I got home, before finally washing it.
  4. SORT THE TYPES OF FABRIC WHEN WASHING. Group properly the types of clothes you are washing so that when it comes to drying, the garments are not damaged and still keep their shape. NEVER MIX white shirts with colored garments when washing. Some colored garments may not stain but their strands/ lint may still stick to the white shirt when dried. Removing these can be both time and emotionally consuming.
  5. DOUBLE CHECK. Check the papers left in pockets especially those which stains when wet like the colored calling card and colored post-its. Check also for candy wrappers. Be sure to also remove the collar sticks and other office supplies made from metal or any ink that might lead to staining or tear when washing. 
  6. SKIP IRONING or at least de-wrinkle as natural as possible. When I wear it with a blazer, I choose not to press iron it at all. Pressing contributes discoloration to the white shirt base on my perception especially when you are not oriented with the ideal temperature of the electric iron for a specific white piece.

    Choosing a washing machine with a Technology that alleviates the wrinkling of garments is a big help too. The Vapour Care feature of Electrolux is a helpful consideration when owning a new washing machine. The vapour action dewrinkles your clothes by relaxing the fibres. It does this with the vapour generated by heating your shirts with a small quantity of water.

  7. DO NOT SCRATCH ITCHY SKIN WITH YOUR FINGERNAILS. I am talking about unknowingly staining your White with your own blood from skin scratching. I used to be a victim of this and I learned that rubbing can be a substitute to ease from itch without a potential new opening in your skin (that results to blood staining). Being extra hygienic while washing your clothes goes a long a way too.  The Vapour Care feature of Electrolux ensures that after wash, your clothes come out 99.9% allergen free. This is especially good for those with allergies or sensitive skin as well as for those with soft, gentle skin. #ElectroluxFashionCare 6B9F0AB3-4157-482C-98EF-7178928FC0ED

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Classic Wear: My Selling garb which has stayed glorious and has been my drape for the most defining deals of my Selling profession – The White Collar Dress Shirt. #TimelessStyle #ElectroluxFashionCare 

Preserving your White’s timeless tidy version, means preserving White’s classic strategic effect in dealing with people. Anyone can wear white. Yes. But not all who wears it can keep the timeless tidy white. You can name only some. 

3 Sales Movies That Make You Laugh Despite An Impending Sales Slump

Set aside the books, the manuals and your worries. Treat yourself to some belly laugh while learning some sales tips at the same time. 

The fiscal year is about to end. But you are not even halfway yet to beat your own volume from last year’s ranking. You meet with qualified prospects, try new Closing approaches and ask your mentor for coaching. Yet, there is still no sale (not even a worksheet). You might be too stiff of being creative. Try to laugh, loosen up and be crazy. 

“The guy at the bottom can go from Zero to a Hero in a day.” – Reggie, Suckers (2001)

Yes! Take it easy with some 87-minute comedy sales movies. Set aside the books, the manuals and your worries. Treat yourself to some belly laugh while learning some sales tips at the same time. 

Suckers, 2001

Reggie motivating his Car Sales Team. Scenes from this office make you laugh and nod. (Screen shot from the film Suckers, 2001)

If Glengarry Glen Ross (1992) holds the best Classic sales movie trophy for me, Suckers (2001) on the other hand is thus far the best Comedy sales movie ever written. This film gets me rolling and laughing on the floor inside the sales deck (after office hours) every time I replay it when the team is going through days of sales drought.

Though not really the ideal protagonist in a movie, Daniel Benzali portraying “Reggie” is just the perfect figure of how crazy yet creative Closers should be in real life. The office meetings are scenes worth waiting for motivation, overcoming objections and negotiation, all weaved in satirical yet relatable jokes.

Why, why, why. Always ask Why? – Reggie, Suckers (2001)

The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, 2009

This is exactly why this film is on this watchlist. Nuff said. (Screen shot from the movie The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, 2009)

Redeeming yourself from an impending sales slump should be fun. This film inspires you how to do that over a weekend. Don Ready, portrayed by Jeremy Piven shows you how Compliment, “Deal Sweeteners”, Benefit Sizzles and Anchoring History and Trivia to your sales spiels, help you to resurrect those obese deals.

Let them tell you what to play, they lose respect for you. When they lose respect for you, you lose control. -Deejay, The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard (2009)

The film on this list which has the most hilarious jokes and naturally humorous cast. Watch this film over again because you might have missed other sales tips interwoven in silly jokes. Some of such are left unnoticed because this film is exactly loaded with multi-dimensional comedies. Mind you, Ving Rhames, Kathryn Hahn and David Koechner, three exceptional comedians are here. 

Never Again! (Screen shot from the film The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, 2009)

Thank You For Smoking, 2006

Aaron Eckhart as lobbyist for giant tobacco companies, Nick Naylor. (Screen shot from the film Thank You For Smoking, 2006)

Closers, just like Nick Naylor are lobbyists. It is our job to be always right about the benefits of the account we are selling. Or shall I say, artfully highlight the positive side of an imperfect product. The film shows how to prove that your opponent is wrong while being not necessarily right. Thus, If you argue correctly, you are never wrong. 

The dialogues between Nick and his son Joey are stuffed with logic and humor. David Koechner is here to join the fun of spinning facts as Bobby Jay Bliss. William H. Macy who splendidly portrayed Bill Porter in one of the best sales documentaries, Door To Door is Eckhart’s rival here. This is based on the novel by Christopher Buckley.

If you argue correctly, you are never wrong. – Nick Naylor, Thank You For Smoking (2006)

Joey Naylor, Debater of the Year! Listen and laugh to the lines of this kiddo. (Screen shot from the movie Than You For Smoking, 2006)

Closers are persons who know how to have fun. Do not lose that attitude which ever rank you land. Sales slump or sales surge, we lead our emotions so well, as much as we manage the emotions of every prospect we encounter very well. Laugh and learn. Kidding aside, Tomorrow is another day. 

After 8 Birthdays in Sales, Here are 9 Tips on Negotiating

For anyone who wants someone to say yes.

Ask for it! When they say “No”, ask for it again more creatively.

Spending eight birthdays in the one call close sales industry means pitching to roughly 2,496 different prospects. These are sales table encounters with an offer only available on that same day you first met the client. No follow up calls.

Resistance is always part of the journey to getting that on-the-day Yes. This teaches me the mindset of “Ask. Then, ask it again.” That before such resistance turns to a total rejection, you can always negotiate. Negotiate with articulate persistence.

Recognize the sugar-coated “No”

Most of the prospects would subtly say no to you. By far, “No” generally has many templates. Identify when the prospect starts to say “No”. Don’t shut down. That is in fact, your sign to start negotiating. Start by asking “Why?” and isolate the “No because they cannot afford the standing offer.” among the hundreds more of “Nos” just to stall the on-the-day purchase. You can only adjust the paying options if the prospect admits that what is stopping them from owning today, is only the price tag.

I will think about it. I will be back. I am not closing my doors. I am not deciding today. I will ask our lawyers. – These are all vague statements of saying no. Your job is to assist the prospect to verbalize that if there is a more affordable price for them to own the offer on the day, they will get it.

Photos from my Birthday lunch. Thank you for this, Team!

Customize the “nego-currencies”

There are a lot of currencies to keep the negotiation going. List in mind these “nego-currencies” and remember to lay only up to 2 cards at a time on the sales table. Do not give too much. Incentivize the close by adding only up to three. Punish by replacing one with another lesser currency as perceived by the prospect. Probe the prospect’s urges in terms of purchasing new offerings and their subjective treatment of money. That is why you have to be good at small talks.

Negotiation currencies can be the variables in the paying arrangement like maximum discount, standard down payment to signing-in reservation, number of years to pay, cooling-off period, escalating payments etc. It can also be overtures like referral incentives, giveaways or add-ons. It can also be a feature which you reserved as a negotiation bullet. It is already part of the package but you deliberately spare it to highlight, sensationalize and add weight to the value of the offer. I coin this as a “Closing Surprise”. It can also be cards that only you possesses which then add greater value when they get the offer from you. These are your trustworthiness and sincerity to provide the solution of their felt need, your expertise in both the product and the market, your passionate after sales services, and even the pride of being one of the owners who purchased from you (Coin a label like “Broker of the Affluent Families”). You can actually make millions of nego-currencies. Just be creative.

Ask again. Even after the 8th, 9th or 10th No.

You can close the deal even at the parking lot, even before the prospect decides to go home. I can remember several couples whom I congratulated for their newest ownership just before the husband turned on the engine. Keep asking for the Yes but remember to let them realize the favor you are making for them every before dropping a repackaged bundle. Appraise the value of every options you are giving to them. Do not beg. Persistence beats resistance. Never use the Puppy Close. It is not for Closers.

Think, talk, want, wait, pant, pause – Negotiations may leave you unbuttoned, untied but never undefeated.

Intimidate with compliment

Negotiation is an interplay of desirable and undesirable emotions. Sarcasm, provocation, frankness, and confrontation are used with compliments, imagery, humor, sizzle and charm to modulate the fire of finally setting a win-win agreement. An instance is when the husband tends to be passive, that means No. After three tries of starting a conversation about the purchase, if the prospect still seems dead about buying, awaken them. Pinch their ego. “When was the last time you have given something like this to your beautiful wife?” Pause until he answers. Your goal is simply to re-energize their lethargic emotions. Ignite again a communication. A fight is still a communication. Be keen on the difference between a “silently deliberating for the purchase” versus a “quiet too shy to say No” prospect.

Cheers to more new accounts!


Be vigilant which among the features excite them. Observe this during the product presentation. Refresh those benefits with more compelling involvement stories as you show how reasonable the tag of your offer is. Remember it is natural that when a price is placed side by side with the benefits, a prospect feels a varied level of apprehension and resistance. Restate, emphasize and spell out louder those memories which made the desire to own your offer. Facilitate the emotions attached to the ownership to rise up above the fear of leaving their money on the table.


When it is the prospect who demands that they deserve more or when you feel that the prospect can afford to own the larger variant, walk them through to the bigger account. Ask why they think they deserve the higher price tag when it is something they deserve. Then, reinforce this with financial logic and emotional triggers. Greater price equate to more benefits and reasonability compared to the less priced versions. Let the prospect appreciate that. Sold the prospect more with the emotions of exclusivity that not every prospect you encounter daily can afford what they are about to get. Add that it is not acceptable to lose something “more” they believe they deserve. Upselling can be selling the higher package, selling more than one to the same prospect or sell another one for the tag along.

There are accounts closed by merely providing articulate silence and thoughtful space.

The “least to lose” play

Prospects need the emotion of time and number to facilitate their decision. Urgency. Say “Before I finally stand, let me show you the best arrangement I can make.” Switch your sitting position like you are about to stand. Write the latest package. Reinforce some benefits and reasonability of the latest arrangement. Ask for the close.

I also find Mark Cuban’s style so effective (Go start watching Shark Tank!) “I have this offer. Whether you would say yes or No, I have to hear your answer after the counts of 3” Ask if they agree. Present the repackaged offer, pause for 5 seconds then count 1-2-3. I have closed several accounts through this. It works especially to men who play the ball games. Try it.

Show the terms. Do nothing!

This is about the “silently deliberating for the purchase” prospect I am talking about in number 4. Yes they exist. There are accounts closed by merely providing articulate silence and thoughtful space after writing the paying quotation. Just remain silent until they ask a question or when the couple/ party feels like having a private space to talk about the purchase, you may leave them at the sales table for some 3-5 minutes. Leave a glass of water and a calculator to them. When you go back, assume the close. Ask, “How will you settle the deposit today, Card or Check?”

Say “No” even if it could be a “Yes”

This for me is exactly the art of negotiation. Yes, you too can say “No” at least twice before saying yes. A case in point is when a sold out Chinese asks for more discounts. Sparingly give the maxed out discount. Instead, start with a 10% discount. The frugal prospect asks 15%. Say No. Reinforce benefits of your offer. The prudent prospect still asks the 15%. Still, No. Let them feel they are losing the offer. Throw more involvement spiels on the benefits. Ask a closing favor. You are giving the 15% discount if the prospect gives five referrals. Ask for the close.
When you give away a negotiation currency without hesitation, your negotiation partner generally thinks that if they had asked for more, it would have been given to them. Again, always ask a “Closing Favor”.

Sweater and Long Sleeve Shirt from Uniqlo. Thin striped pants from Folded and Hung.

Of the 2000 plus negotiation partners, obviously those did not all end up to a deal. Seven to thirteen of the closed accounts are lay down deals but the rest are closed through a scalding negotiation. Why do we negotiate?CD82603D-8C6F-40D1-A842-EB78DEAB247955511384-C106-4A2C-BE7E-5A3A3D19AE19

When you truly believe that your offer gives a solution to what your prospect needs, fight for their welfare. Fight not beg. A happy owner needs a persistent Closer. Prospects are more emotionally attached to their money. It is then you as the Closer who turns that attachment to the value of comfort instead. You negotiate because the prospect deserves to own your offer.

Nowhere to go but Up!


Think, talk, want, wait, pant, pause – Negotiations may leave you unbuttoned, untied but never undefeated. Just like your favorite sports or for a more intense outtro analogy, just like making love with switching dominance and submission. It is fun negotiating.

It has been fun negotiating.

Refashion your Work Phone | An Iconic Slide to More Sales

Every phone call’s powerful connection is a prelude to your latest winning. This winning warrants a handset with the affinity of an iconic durability and design, trend-opportune updates and an affordable value. Do you really deserve a reloaded work phone? It depends.

Communication via phone is a vital medium in corporate dealings. You phone call the leads to start probing. Then, you call a qualified prospect to set an appointment. Even on after sales concerns, a phone call is the most convenient way to sustain the relationship. Also, when that happy owner refers a list of red leads, you swiftly grab “that” phone to start calling. Not your personal phone, but the “second phone”.



The phone you use for work. Your business mobile, your work phone or second phone, no matter how you call it, it is that handset which is more of a livelihood tool than an entertainment gizmo.

The real-time exchange of reactions through phone call is by far, the most effective way of bridging distance for a business to escalate. Fact is, even with today’s digital communication media like email or chat, a phone call is still the trusted golden mean to slide your pitch to a close.


Even if the company issues a work phone for you, investing for your “own” business mobile is a career choice that gives you a windfall. Remember that a company-issued phone is just a borrowed asset from your recent company. This will still end up on their management whenever there is a better opportunity for you someday elsewhere. Your work phone, with the contacts in it is a chest of your treasured business linkages.

Owning your own work phone does not have to be as expensive as owning your personal phone. Let us agree that this handset is in fact a “working” phone. It is as at heavy duty as your passion to close more deals. Apart from a frugal cost, your corporate phone has to be durable with features and functionality relevant to the technological trends of the recent business world.


Nokia, the creator of our immortal phones refashions its 8110. The mobile phone which was inherently designed for the business market in 1996, is reloaded with the 4G connectivity making it the latest smartphone among Nokia mobile’s “Originals”.

Nokia 8110 (1996) : A mobile phone. By krystof.k (Twitter) & nmuseum – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The 8110 (2018) possesses exactly the iconic design that slid a lot of new accounts for businessmen-owners 22 years ago. A bearer of nostalgic winning in every slide.



8110 4G Dual Sim (2018) : Slide keypad cover to answer and end calls. It also has the addictive helicopter-style spin on axis.

The curved handset grants both comfort and control both when held or when placed in your pocket. Stand out not just in the sales ranking but also in your business mobile’s design.


Designed with Qualcomm 205 Mobile Platform, 8110 4G owners who are expectedly the millennial-businesspersons, can economically communicate using advanced LTE data services such as Voice over LTE (VoLTE). This feature also provides multiple days of battery life, faster download speeds for on-demand content including music and videos (

Built with VoLTE Calling, call quality is superior with up to three times as much data as 3G and up to six times as much as 2G, making it easier to make out not only what the person on the other end of the line is saying, but also their tone of voice. Essentially it’s an HD voice call and it’s a much richer experience over all (

The real-time exchange of reactions through phone call is by far, the most effective way of bridging distance for a business to escalate.


8110 4G owners can receive emails, import contacts and sync calendar with Outlook and Gmail. Favorite apps like Google Assistant, Google Maps, Facebook and Twitter could also be downloaded. The reloaded 8110 can also tether up to 10 other devices which makes your team’s teleconferencing calls possible.


The dual sim feature means wider reach of prospects to call at a lesser cost. A telco agnostic line is a downright tip to widen more your sales network.


The iconic design plus all the updated twitches does not have to be too pricey. In fact, it is priced low at 3,990 PhP. It is available at authorized re-sellers and in Nokia stores in the Philippines starting MAY 14, 2018. Own it at either in Traditional Black or Banana Yellow. You can now also own all other Nokia phones through Lazada Philippines.

HMD Global Philippines, the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for phones and tablets introduces its latest line-up of Nokia phones—the Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 1, New Nokia 6 and Nokia 8110 4G.

imageCorporate telecommunication has evolved from pagers and telefacsimile to sending emails and video chats. Despite being in the middle of such continuum,  the telephone, which also had improved to mobile phones to now the smartphones, at its simplest essence, is held by any owner because of its power to connect a caller with a genuine human voice wherever, whenever.

Every phone call’s powerful connection is a prelude to your latest winning. This winning warrants a handset with the affinity of an iconic durability and design, trend-opportune updates and an affordable value. Do you really deserve a reloaded work phone? It depends.

It depends if you really want a slide to more sales.



HOBO CODES | Plantation Life at Hijo Resorts Davao

A vast playground every hardworking Yuppie deserves for rest, active lifestyle and leisure.  

If you have been really working hard, I am certain that by now, in this coexistent life of the online and offline You, you already have acquired that skill of gleaning unique, instagrammable yet reasonably priced getaway to achieve a work-life harmony.

Have you tried spending the weekend at a plantation? How is it living inside the breathing banana plantation of Hijo Resorts Davao?


An hour shuttle ride from Davao City, Hijo Resorts Davao is a tourism estate in Tagum City, Davao del Norte. Besides the robustly functioning 177-hectare banana plantation, the expanse also stretches through a 92-hectare coconut plantation, 60-hectare forest and 4.5-kilometer river.



Indeed, such a vast playground every hardworking Yuppie deserves for rest, active lifestyle and leisure.








This is the most relaxing thing I tried here. Tuned up my soul, enjoying the resort just light and slow. Taking in, breathing out as naturally rhythmic as it should be. You can either take a refreshing cold tea after or a short dip at the infinity pool. Absolute relaxation on the first morning.





The guided tour inside the banana packing house is one of the “only in Hijo” memories. Bananas are picked and transported manually to the packing house. Then, are checked for export quality, packed and loaded directly to the refrigerated trucks waiting at the tail of the packing cascade. All, in less than four hours.

Hijo is the first Philippine-based grower to export Cavendish banana in Japan. Impressively, you too are assured that every banana served while staying here is of same universal quality. Try some of the banana and coco sugar made desserts served at the Banana Beach restaurant after the plantation tour.







Plantation House Pool

You may choose either the breezy ecstasy of the Banana Beach Casitas or the American colonial embrace of the Tuason Family’s ancestral house – the Plantation House. Every morning is just serene here. You are woke up with the chirping of the birds. Grab a book. Get a cup of coffee and ask some coco sugar. The poolside is the spot.



The interiors from the lanai to the rooms are adorned with paintings from the famous artist Kublai Milan. These are pieces depicting the merry living of Mindanao tribes like Maranao and Bagobo.



The complementary toiletries are all organic, fresh from Hijo’s farm. You are asked to choose which bath soap you would love to use during your stay, choices derived from the various parts of a coconut.


Such a paradise for ecologic coalescence, Hijo actually preserves an endemic family of monkeys. Along with local wild boars, these natural inhabitants inside Hijo estate are considered part of the hospitality team. Stop over at the Monkey avenue and take a photo with “Duy-duy” and friends. He snubbed me at first try.






You appreciate topography on a different angle when you behold it from a body of water. This is what this experience taught me. After several tours through wheels, I only had the whole virtual map of the resort clearly displayed on my spatial memory during the river cruise. You have to experience that too.




Just after the peaceful cruise through the Madaum river, break the day to halves with a Halal lunch spread at The Spot. I have always been an evangelist for Pinoy local food and Tribal cuisines. The spectrum of palate memories from the Kalagan and Mandaya cuisines is actually the most memorable for me. The Ipasagan Pagkalagan na Manok has a taste that lingers.


We have all been tired from work. But not all have truly rested from that exhaustion. How rested are you?

The plantation life is easy yet fun. It is light yet satiates.




Book a life here 




Do not pitch the entire benefits : 3 Reasons Why

If you could help the prospect own the solution to their problem within the shortest time possible, why would you (both) choose to prolong it?

Always create a clear mental picture of what is the “now” of your prospect. Determine which they enjoy and which they want to upgrade. When you have garnered those information, your next goal is not just to give a compelling pitch that positions your offer as the solution. But a concise, customized, compelling pitch. This literally means that you don’t necessarily spill all the available benefits during your presentation. Why? Consider these.

1. To excite the prospect to ask for more.

There is no such prospect who loves ALL the benefits of your offer. It is your art to identify which among the features would excite their purchase. When they ask more about a specific benefit, listen intently. This is when questions give you advantage to identify what is it that they truly want. Apart from this encourages interaction, this also helps you to focus which benefit they want to be involved with deeper. Pitch that so well. Sprinkle your tools of the trade like fact-benefit close and third party stories. Then, Ask for the sale.

Closing a deal is a time-pressured exam. It is not an enumeration. It is an identification type. Turn that out to be your advantage.

2. To value both the prospect’s and your time.

Closers know the difference between a “fastened” pitch from a “hurried” pitch. Surely, we can all shorten the presentation. However, it takes practice and sharp judgement to master which benefits to retain and which to reserve for a specific prospect. This falls us back to consider first the mental picture of your prospect’s NOW.

3. To BOTH win the negotiation.

Reserve 2-7 benefits as currency of concessions in case for a bloody back end fight. Lowering the offer should be the last thing to do. List those benefits as elements of surprise as you negotiate. Surprises close deals.

Closing a deal is a time-pressured exam. It is not an enumeration. It is an identification type. Turn that out to be your advantage. If you could help the prospect own the solution to their problem within the shortest time possible, why would you (both) choose to prolong it? Filter the benefits. Don’t waste your time. Don’t waste that deal.