From a personal blog solely about strategies in One-Call Close Selling launched in October 2015, johndappercloser (jdc) morphed into an online address featuring the corporate lifestyle of John, a Closer, in March 2017. It began to feature the sections namely Sales Sorceries, Juan Hobo and Alignments.
A section that is all about the sales life. The monthly published blog post that critically features the closing sorceries from my passionate grind being a Timeshare sales and marketing manager in the Philippines is always the core of this link. Corporate life, motivation articles and leadership content are weaved on the posts under this section.
Closers, just like any other professionals, deserve to play just anywhere around the globe. This is the section for all the getaways while away from the sales table. Consider it as an off-day travel blog. The Michelin-mentioned food trips dominate the travelogue posts spiced with hobo-like detours while en route. “Juan” is simply the Filipino version of my name John.
A section which highlights all the brands that we work with. Fresh brand campaigns are featured on the blog posts with sprinkles of my personal reviews on the offering, the sales and marketing approach used to fuel the campaign and the in-person networking experience with brand representatives during the project.
Welcome to our more expanded portal for Corporate Lifestyle!

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