From an interweb platform for sales tip listicles launched October 2015, johndappercloser had morph to a converging link in March 2017 for the flagship content SALES SORCERIES, and the travelogue category JUAN HOBO with the new category for networking events tag as ALIGNMENTS.

All about sales. The monthly published blog post that critically features sales techniques from my passionate grind being a Timeshare sales and marketing executive in the Philippines will always be the meat of this link. Corporate life, motivation articles and leadership content would also be weaved on the subsequent posts.

Closers, just like any other professionals, deserve to play around the world. This is the category for all getaways done while away from the sales table. Michelin mentioned foods dominate the travelogue posts. However, hobo-like trots would also be a spice for this section. Travel experience weaved with sales insights could also sporadically grace this segment of jdc. “Juan” is simply the Filipino version of my name John.

All brand events are featured here. Freshly launched brand offerings will be promoted sprinkled with my personal reviews on the offers, the sales and marketing approach used to fuel the campaign and the in-person networking experience with brand managers during the project. My recent affiliation with the Davao Bloggers Society made this section more exciting and diverse.

That is how jdc is evolving. It’s now time to click around through our more expanded portal. Welcome to johndappercloser !

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