Own More Books at The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale With Paymaya QR Scan-To-Pay Cashback

You can add money to your Paymaya account at the Book Sale venue.

A Paymaya Add-Money-Here Machine is available near the check out counters. You can add money to your Paymaya account here.

Book lovers rejoice whenever over a million brand-new English books are at up to 90% less. Discounted book price means either more funds to save for other things to buy or more books to take home. Either is definitely a nothing-to-lose choice every time the world’s biggest book sale – the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale (BBW) opens its doors. 

A 2017 survey by the National Book Development Board states that Filipinos still enjoy reading books, but their budget does not permit them to purchase new books on a regular basis.

As a thrifty bookworm or even just a budget-conscious casual reader, what if there is one more way to own more books apart from the 50% – 90% discount when book shopping at BBW? That is if you do not pay your purchase in cash. “Paymaya” and get up to 100% cashback!

How to download the Paymaya App : PayMaya Releases Newly Designed, EMV-enabled Card | How to Get | How to Upgrade


Hunting for Business and Economics, Sales and Marketing and Self -Help books.
  1. LOOK FOR THOSE BOOKS FIRST. TAKE YOUR TIME. The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is 24 hours open and at free admission.  Books are restocked daily. BBW allows you to stock books to binge read all year long on affordably priced books.

    A unique QR code will be generated for every book purchase.
  2. LOAD CASH TO YOUR PAYMAYA APP AT THE VENUE. Before going to the cashier, you can load cash to your Paymaya account through the Paymaya machine near the check out counters. Paymaya representatives are also there to assist you.
  3. PROCEED TO THE CHECK OUT COUNTER. Let the cashier punch your book purchase. Wait for a while as they generate the QR code of your transaction.
  4. SCAN-TO-PAY THE QR CODE. Open your Paymaya App. Tap the Scan To Pay option at the lower part of the screen.
  5. TAP “BUY”. OWN THOSE BOOKS! The amount of your purchase appears on the screen after the scan. Tap Buy at the upper right area of the display. A confirmation message appears after the successful scan-to-pay purchase.
  6. ENJOY UP TO 100% CASHBACK PER TRANSACTION. Your scan-to-pay transaction entitles you to receive 1%, 10% or a whopping 100% cashback. Another way to save as you own your favorite titles!


  • NON-FICTION ( Business and Economics, Sales and Marketing, Architecture and Design, Biography, Cookbook, Arts and Crafts, Music, Fashion, Self help and more)

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  • FICTION ( General Fiction, Literature, Thriller, Romance, Young Adult)
  • MAGICAL BOOKS with Augmented Reality (AR) technology.
  • CHILDREN’S BOOKS (Activity Books, Picture Books, Coloring Books, Sound Books, Pop-up Books)

Indeed, Paymaya being the official payment partner of this year’s BBW visit in Davao is the most helpful partnership for the frugal bibliophiles.

SCAN-TO-PAY THE QR CODE. Open your Paymaya App. Tap the Scan To Pay option at the lower part of the screen.

Tangent from saving funds or buying more, an efficient payment app – Paymaya, provides the opportunity for everyone to access financial services, whichever in the social strata you belong. Simply, everyone can own what they want efficiently, everywhere, when you Paymaya. It is better than cash.




5 Types of Books Salespeople Can Buy Cheaper at the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

Never ever judge a book by its price.

The syllabus of the Selling profession warrants more than just the art (and science) of closing deals. It includes elective subjects which are helpful for both before and after signing the purchase contract.

Learning about these subjects does not require admission to any university  though. You can use some of the 7% of your income which you allotted for  continuous education, to own books which help you earn more commissions. Get more value of such budget when you shop 50% – 90% cheaper books at the biggest book sale in the world. 

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale specializes in providing the widest selection of books at the lowest possible prices. The Sale offers brand new English books at 50% – 90% off recommended retail price, with the primary aim to instill reading habits by providing readers access to affordable quality books.


With over 150,000 people in attendance last year, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is coming back to Davao:

21 November – 2 December 2019 | 24 hours Open | Admission is FREE | Enderun Tent, Azuela Cove, Lanang | Books at 50% – 90% OFF

The Sale has toured across cities in Malaysia and abroad to South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, Myanmar, Pakistan, and the Philippines, with no plans to stop spreading the love of reading and changing the world one book at a time.

Here are 5 types of books you can own cheaper aside from Sales and Marketing Books, when the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale visits your sales territory:

*Sales and Marketing books are found at the “Businesses and Economics” section of the Non-Fiction corner inside the venue.

1. CRIME NOVELS. When you sell, you convince the prospect, right? How about reading how a killer “convinces” everybody else that he is innocent?  

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“We are all criminals varied in grave and escape plans.” Look for this section at the Big Bad Wold Book Sale!

2. FINANCE.  The acme of a successful Closer is being the CEO of their own company. That journey mandates mastery in handling money and resources. This subject also helps you when facilitating your prospect’s buying decision.

3. SELF-HELP/ MOTIVATIONAL. Closers are self-starters who love instructions. Own books that you can revisit when a crisis haunts. Hoard these genres. 

Eyeing for this on the VIP DAY, November 21. VIP PASS Giveaway below!

4. PSYCHOLOGY. Buying is a tricky human behavior. It is powerful when you know how to dissect a prospect, neurons by neurons from the moment you meet them to the moment of their final decision. And at rare but real instances, when they change their mind post-sales.

5. LEGAL/ HISTORY. Every purchase requires documentation. Legal terminologies, phraseologies and exemplary cases of law interpretation are not harmful to be knowledgeable at.

Books are your confidence pills | My BBW haul 2019 purchased through the PayMaya App. Link how to install the PayMaya App.

Knowing enough about subjects relevant to the Selling profession enhances confidence. This then makes your prospect confident to own a purchase with you. Books are your confidence pills. And just a reminder, never ever judge any book by its price.

C35DE882-912F-4CD3-BC06-CD78D3A02B1BWith over 150,000 people in attendance last year, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is coming back to Davao:

21 November – 2 December 2019 | 24 hours Open | Admission is FREE | Enderun Tent, Azuela Cove, Lanang | Books at 50% – 90% OFF


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