LATEST CHRISTMAS SHOPPING TIP: Ask the cashier first for their PayMaya QR code. Get “Better than Cash” rewards

Enjoy better value for your money than cash or credit card.

The following offers do not make any sense if you do not have your PayMaya account yet. Here is how to register
Check your available PayMaya balance on the app first before shopping. Add PayMaya money through the nearest 7/11 store, “Add Money Here” machine near the check out counters (like that in the photo) or fund transfer from your bank account’s app.

We love spending during the Holiday Season, Isn’t it? May those items be yours or for someone special, own those while getting greater value of your money. Just do not pay cash. Ask the cashier first for their PayMaya QR code. Then, Scan-to-Pay.

By simply using PayMaya QR to #ScanToPay for your purchases at select PayMaya Preferred partner merchant locations, you get amazing offers that are available exclusive to PayMaya QR users.

PayMaya Preferred : Partner Merchants and “Better Than Cash” Holiday Rewards

You can enjoy the following offers ON TOP of your cashback promos from PayMaya and other deals from your favorite establishment.

Robinsons Supermarket, Easy Mart, and Selections

Earn P100 cashback once a week when you spend a minimum of P500 via PayMaya QR. You can also get a chance to be among the 14 lucky winners of a 1-minute shopping spree worth P10,000.

Flexing my P100 Cashback for shopping at Robinsons Supermarket.


Get 5% cashback of up to P2,500 every month on NO MINIMUM SPEND when you #ScanToPay via PayMaya QR for your purchases. Meanwhile, PayMaya users who will get an SMS containing a unique voucher code from Landers can get their free membership until December 31.   


Get a P100 voucher for a minimum spend of P200 when you #ScanToPay via PayMaya QR. You can enjoy this deal twice a month and even stand a chance to win one year’s worth of BonChon chicken for your K-food cravings.

Total, Metro Oil, and Marz Fuel

Get P5 cashback or voucher for every liter, up to P1,000 a month, until Feb 2020. At least P5 cashback is based on a minimum P40/liter fuel price.

Mercury Drug

Get P100 cashback once a week for a P500 minimum spend until February 2020.


1. Download the PayMaya App. Get it on Google Play or on the App Store.
2. Register with your personal details. Use our code, copy 1p374rl and paste.


1. Log in to the PayMaya app. For Android: Tap MENU. For iOS: tap MORE. Then tap UPGRADE FOR FREE.

2. Submit required information and upload photo of YOUR VALID ID (not your photo. Your ID). You need at least one (1) primary ID or two (2) secondary IDs. Make sure all IDs can be seen clearly in the photo.

3. Wait for a verification code sent through the app & SMS. Use this as reference during your face-to-face validation.

4. Tap START VIDEO CALL to talk to the UPGRADR OFFICER who will validate your application. Once application is approved, you may now enjoy the perks of an upgraded PayMaya account!

What is next after Christmas 2019?

Raymund Villanueva, Head of Growth and Brand Marketing at PayMaya.

“We are thrilled to roll out more PayMaya Preferred promos in the coming months and work with merchant partners in offering customers an easier, more convenient, and more rewarding way to pay—taking us a step closer to a more digital and cashless society,” Raymund Villanueva, Head of Growth and Brand Marketing at PayMaya.

This Christmas season, unwrap better PayMaya Preferred deals when you start your holiday gift-shopping at Robinsons Department Store and Toys ‘R Us. More exciting deals from KFC, Rustans Supermarket, Shopwise, Wellcome, and Powerfill are also waiting for you in December! PayMaya is looking to work with more partner merchants to offer the best deals and rewards for all. 

Yes. We just love spending during the Holidays. But as you shop at your favorite supermarkets, retail stores, fast food restaurants, gas stations, and pharmacies, prefer using PayMaya. With its PayMaya Preferred exclusive promos and discounts, you will definitely enjoy better value for your money than cash or credit card.

Get your own PayMaya Card, too. HERE.