“Yaaas to Work-Life Good Vibes!” -Make Your Own Havaianas 2018

A customized flip-flop brings you to places with a spectrum of pure positive vibes. This year, explore the Wilderness of Joy!

The Corporate Sole Code : Your footwear is made of leather polished with passion and determination towards winning. But what if it is time to reward your self? When you win the account and it is time to celebrate and relax? Won’t you let those feet have a wildly great time? How wild do you want it? As wild as you want through a customized flip-flop!

Yaaas to Work-Life good vibes!

Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH) 2018 in Davao 

Departing from the usual summer schedule, the MYOH in Davao is happening just weeks before the most wonderful season of all. Turn your Havaianas espadrilles into wild wearable works of art on November 16 – 20 at All Flip-Flops Abreeza and on November 22 – 25 at SM Lanang Premier. 

This year, Havaianas is bringing only good vibes amidst the demanding work-life equation by taking you to the Wilderness of Joy! 

Pins of Positivity

Finish your unique sole and strap combination with a variety of pins that make you smile – A “smiley face”, under a “palm tree” with a “slice of pizza”, imagine that! This year’s commemorative pin is the “Rainbow”. A part of the proceeds goes to Save The Children. It is a non- profit organization that provides relief and support to children in developing countries. 

A customized flip-flop brings you to places with a spectrum of pure positive vibes. This year, explore the Wilderness of Joy.

A “smiley face”, under a “palm tree” with a “slice of pizza”, imagine that!

Sole – Strap Combo of Fun 

Happiness abounds with hundreds of options to customize your own pair. MYOH 2018 debuts a commemorative slim strap. Covered in the same print as the sole, it can be matched with multitude of colors for an electrifying look of positivity and good vibes! This year’s commemorative sole features a re-imagined version of the camo pattern with banana leaves against a deep blue background. Fun and dramatic all in one! 

This year, expect the MYOH at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall, and shop your fave flip-flops plus an exclusive selection of customizable Havaianas shoes.


When you can not make it to the MYOH venues in Davao, you can create your unique pair ONLINE!

A customized flip-flop brings you to places with a spectrum of pure positive vibes. This year, explore the Wilderness of Joy. Leave the pending work deliverables for a while, celebrate the already won project and just let your unique pair of Havaianas espadrille be a collateral of your next big success. Be positive! 


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Westlife’s Shane Filan to Sing Along with the Davaoenos, Live on Sept 16

“Everyone is going to be singing along to these songs” – Shane Filan 

“…my set list is going to be so strong because the songs are so famous everyone will know every single word. It’s nice to look forward to tour knowing the crowd are really going to love it…everyone is going to be singing along to these songs” – Shane Filan

With his version of “Beautiful in White” as South East Asia’s most requested wedding song and his third solo album, Love Always, as a huge hit all over Asia, securing the number one spot in the Philippines and Indonesia, Shane Filan is thrilled to perform live for his Filipino fans this September 15 in Manila and on the 16th in Davao city.


Featuring Westlife’s greatest hits “Swear It Again”, “If I Let You Go”, “My Love” and “You Raised Me Up”, along with his solo hits like “Heaven”, “What About Now” and “About You”,  and more, Filan expects the Davaoeno crowd to sing along the lyrics with him on Sunday, September 16th, 8:00 pm at the SMX Convention Center-Davao of SM Lanang Premier.

Tickets now on-sale at the Following Ticket Outlet
1. Upper Level of SM Lanang Premier Atrium (Near the entrance of SM Supermarket)
2. Cafe Demitasse (F. Torres St.)
3. Union Market at Azuela Cove.
4. Wiltelcom at SM City Davao (2nd Level, Annex Bldng).
5. Wiltelcom at Gaisano Mall Davao (3rd Level)
6. The Gentleman’s Lounge, Loyola Street Bo. Obrero or
7. SMTicket.com or call (02) 470-2222.

For Ticket Info
0922 6950284 or 0956 7267671

Shane Filan will be joined by two of the best OPM artists today, Mr. Jed Madela and Ms. Morisette Amon.


“There’s nothing that make me happier than singing and being on stage” he says, “it’s something I am very proud of and it’s what I want to be doing for the rest of my life.”

Photo searched from Google.com

Westlife, one of pop’s biggest ever bands. Before the split up in 2012, garnered 44 million sales and fourteen chart-topping singles. Most of the lines of these award winning songs were sang by Shane Filan. As what one of the comments on one of his latest music videos in Youtube says, “This man kept Westlife memories and music alive… just hearing his voice reminds me of Westlife days…”

The Davaoeno fans are so thrilled for Filan’s first concert in Mindanao. Two unforgettable memories to collect this September 16. First, to finally meet the man behind that familiar voice from a boyband whose songs are eternally admired. Second, is to be part again of that moment when you sing along with your friends that latest Westlife hit like you did back in highschool. This time, with Westlife’s lead singer Shane Filan, live.


Style and Estate | Summer at Ocean Cove

The ambitious vibe of the urban living is always arousing especially to the bold dreamers. But these aspirants also long for the beach vibe.

One of the guests I was able to network with during the Philippine Airlines event two months ago, told me about the ostentatious difference between today’s Davao city from his last visit four years earlier, “I am from Mandaluyong. I last visited Davao perhaps around 4 to 5 years ago. And it’s really very different now. It is like the renaissance of Digong’s turf, an infrastructure rebirth.”.

Over the past two years, Davao’s economic age is indeed on its puberty. Corporations which are used to be boxed in Manila, are starting to build their Mindanao offices around the Durian city. More obviously, as you commute around the city now, real estate properties sprouted creating seemly like a bar graph on your horizon.

May your choice be a condominium, house and lot or just simply a lot, I rest the decision on to you and to your affordability. My point here is, what if that peaceful Davaoeno neighborhood you aspire is now found in the soothing charm of the French Riviera?

A French Riviera-inspired community along the Davao Gulf. An aspiration, isn’t it?

Ocean Cove Beach Residences :  A microcosm of a peaceful Davaoeno neighborhood in a French Riviera

View from the clubhouse: The playground and the cabana with view deck overlooking the breathtaking sights of the Davao Gulf.


Ocean Cove Beach Residences is an 18.3-hectare French Riviera-inspired seaside community located in Davao’s scenic Bago Aplaya, Talomo District. Only 12km from Davao City, it is highly accessible to both public and private transport via the access road leading to Mergrande Ocean Resort. It is your seaside home with typical lot cuts at 144-250 sqm. More details at https://www.filinvest.com/projects/ocean-cove/ .



The promenade for your daily dose of relaxing stroll with the fresh sea breeze.


Men U Open Collar Shirt : The supple seaside wear

The coastal vibe of Ocean Cove blends with a perfect seaside wear. Pieces which are made from materials which protect from the pinch of the sun but are light and supple for the breeze of the sea.

The infinity pool with the amazing landscapes of Samal Island and Talikud Island.


UNIQLO from torso to thigh: Men U Open Collar Shirt, Uniqlo Slim Fit Shorts. PHOTO by http://www.caramielrush.com (Above) French framed. PHOTO by Joseph Cagas Photography (Below)






A fabric which moves with you when you are enjoying the shore vibe but seemly traces your silhouette when you are paused, staring at the horizon, waiting for the sea wind’s next blow.



Gothic Diagonals. PHOTO by http://www.jazzsayings.wordpress.com






The disposition of where you live is influential to a city resident. The ambitious vibe of the urban living is always arousing especially to the bold dreamers. But these aspirants also long for the beach vibe. That soothing chi of the shore, twice a week or even the hours after work, everyday.

May your stay in a seaside be frequent or forever, enjoy the seconds with perfectly matched wearables. Aspire a style that suits to the estate.


Easy Ways to Save-as-You-Shop Big at OFFPRICE Philippines

Still be mindful with our savings without compromising the quality of rewards we give to our hardworking self.

OFFPRICE (formerly TOPS – The Off Price Show) is Philippines’ largest roving outlet sale where premium lifestyle brands are tagged at up to 80% lesser from corresponding online or mall boutique prices.

Premium brands at ultra low prices is indeed a money-saving privilege every shopper desires to experience all year round. But that is just a dream because Offprice only visits key cities in the Philippines once in a year. Thus, when you really want to score big when it roves near your place, you have to be ready. Here are some practical buying tips when shopping at Offprice.

Know when it roves near you. Follow OFFPRICE PHILIPPINES across social media platforms. Knowing the roving schedule helps you to set healthy budget for shopping, schedule specific amount to be saved months before its opening and check which piece in your closet needs a new one or list new stuff you now need to own.

Some of the best deals I got from Offprice 2017 in Davao. A Parker fountain pen which still keeps on writing big-ticket deals until now (Top Left). A Zara white shirt with thin blue stripes (Top Right) and a French Connection green shirt with thin white stripes. Both favorites for office dealings or weekend escapades.

Offprice in fact, helps us to still be mindful with our savings without compromising the quality of rewards we give to our hardworking self.

Be there on the opening day. (You know well how the cliché means.) Offprice usually stops for only three (3) days in every city, usually on a Friday until Sunday. It has specified inventory on each branded piece. It is not for everyone to own. It is only for the early birds. Thus, be there at 11AM or even earlier. On the first day. Register for your lifetime membership card at the entrance for rebates from accumulated purchases (That is an additional savings).

Compare sizes. Most apparels follow a US size measurement. Check first if the Medium still snugly fits you or you might be fit to the Small. There are also Asian sizes though. Thus, check the sizes in every premium brand you hop in.

Hoard first. Don’t rush queuing to the fitting room with only a handful. Get baskets and hoard pieces at your size. You come in early. You deserve the dibs!

Fit. The Offprice staff are good at assisting you. Be kind to them. They group your choices into 4 to smoothen the fitting. If it does not fit well, let it go. Stains and tears are not really concerns with Offprice items, but it still pays to check. When you just love that particular item which is too loose for you, get it. Your tailor would still charge you far lesser than the brand’s real selling price.

Pay. Cards are accepted – Enough said.

Owning premium brands through Offprice does not make you a money splurger. Offprice in fact, helps us to still be mindful with our savings without compromising the quality of rewards we give to our hardworking self. Save as you shop!


Your PAL : From the Heart since 1941 and More

Flight experience should be remembered like staying in a flying hotel with a “from the heart” kind of service. Truly, a Buong Pusong Alaga.

Even without the recent 4-Star rating from Skytrax, every Filipino knows how premium the “fly” is when it is with Philippine Airlines (PAL). Ever since PAL’s first flight from Makati to Baguio 77 years ago, the airline had never really stopped beating their own second-to-none standards.



With its 8th Bombardier Q400 type aircraft, what are the “more” treats expected for the passengers?


Philippine Airlines is no longer just a Manila-centric airline. Our new aircraft and our new hubs are a winning combination that will help expand our market reach both domestically and worldwide. This is imperative for a global airline, and we must sustain and build on our hard-won 4-Star rating.

– PAL President and Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Jaime J. Bautista.

More Time : Faster cruise speed gives you more time to enjoy the destination.

Bombardier Q400 fleets travel 30% faster. This efficiency pleases passengers may the reason of the trip be for vacation or for work. Bask with more time at the destination or accomplish more objectives at a business meeting. Faster cruise speed also comforts the passengers that flight schedules are followed smoothly.



More In-Flight Comfort : This is why there is “Q” in “Bombardier Q400”.

The “Q” stands for quiet. Yes, the faster travel time does not compromise the sound of the aircraft’s traverse regardless of how lengthy the haul is. Is not that a conducive auditory reception to at least get a bit of prophylactic rest before reaching your destination?

In time for Holy Week, PAL opened a link from Davao to Siargao, a fast-rising destination for surfers and adventure seekers. Siargao joins Tagbilaran, Zamboanga, Manila, Clark and Cebu as destinations from Davao. PAL is now increasing the Davao-Bohol flights daily, and plan to increase Davao-Clark flights in the coming months.



imageHaute interior also pampers you. These are premium seats, wider windows, spacious leg room, higher ceiling and larger luggage bins. I always believe that the flight experience should be remembered like staying in a flying hotel with a “from the heart” kind of service. Flights with PAL are! Truly, a Buong Pusong Alaga.

 PAL is also assessing the request of DOT Secretary Teo to launch international routes directly from Davao International Airport, possibly to BANGKOK or a point in JAPAN.

More Worth of Your Money : Consistently values you from the Heart.

It is not just about reaching point B from point A. It is about the entire memory from booking, boarding, flying and disembarking. A lot of passengers auto-destroyed their trip due to dissatisfaction from delayed flights while others from an undesirable service culture of airline staff. There is nothing more costly than bad emotions during a travel. A memory of a smooth trip is more healthy to cherish than a memory of a seat sale. That is proven and true since 1941.

Philippine Airlines is the country’s first and only 4-Star airline, joining 42 other carriers like Emirates, Japan Airlines and British Airways.



imageFrom that five-seater Beech model 18 aircraft to now’s 86-seater Bombardier Q400 NG to the luxurious, first in Southeast Asia Airbus A321neo this June, Asia’s first airline had flown literally and idiomatically, a lot. The five stars by then will just be a fortification and notoriety. We all know which airline in the Philippines really satisfies the Filipino people, from the heart.

HOBO CODES | Plantation Life at Hijo Resorts Davao

A vast playground every hardworking Yuppie deserves for rest, active lifestyle and leisure.  

If you have been really working hard, I am certain that by now, in this coexistent life of the online and offline you, you already have acquired that skill of gleaning unique, instagrammable yet reasonable getaway to achieve a work-life harmony.

Weekends at a Plantation, Have you tried? How is it living inside the breathing banana plantation of Hijo Resorts Davao?


An hour shuttle ride from Davao City, Hijo Resorts Davao is a tourism estate in Tagum City, Davao del Norte. Besides the robustly functioning 177-hectare banana plantation, the expanse also stretches through a 92-hectare coconut plantation, 60-hectare forest and 4.5-kilometer river.



Indeed, such a vast playground every hardworking Yuppie deserves for rest, active lifestyle and leisure.








This is the most relaxing thing I tried here. Tuned up my soul, enjoying the resort just light and slow. Taking in, breathing out as naturally rhythmic as it should be. Tea after or a short dip at the infinity pool. Absolute relaxation on the first morning.





The guided tour inside the banana packing house is one of the “only in Hijo” memories. Bananas are picked and transported manually to the packing house. Then, are checked for export quality, packed and loaded directly to the refrigerated trucks waiting at the tail of the packing cascade. All, in less than four hours.

Hijo is the first Philippine-based grower to export Cavendish banana in Japan. Impressively, you too are assured that every banana served while staying here is of same universal quality. Try some of the banana and coco sugar made desserts served at the Banana Beach restaurant after the plantation tour.







Plantation House Pool

You may choose either the breezy ecstasy of the Banana Beach Casitas or the American colonial embrace of the Tuason Family’s ancestral house – the Plantation House. Every morning is just serene here. You are woke up with the chirping of the birds. Grab a book. Get a cup of coffee and ask some coco sugar. The poolside is the spot.



The interiors from the lanai to the rooms are adorned with paintings from the famous artist Kublai Milan. These are pieces depicting the merry living of Mindanao tribes like Maranao and Bagobo.



The complementary toiletries are all organic, fresh from Hijo’s farm. You are asked to choose which bath soap you would love to use during your stay, choices derived from the various parts of a coconut.


Such a paradise for ecologic coalescence, Hijo actually preserves an endemic family of monkeys. Along with local wild boars, these natural inhabitants inside Hijo estate are considered part of the hospitality team. Stop over at the Monkey avenue and take a photo with “Duy-duy” and friends. He snubbed me at first try.






You appreciate topography on a different angle when you behold it from a body of water. This is what this experience taught me. After several tours through wheels, I only had the whole virtual map of the resort clearly displayed on my spatial memory during the river cruise. You have to experience that too.




Just after the peaceful cruise through the Madaum river, break the day to halves with a Halal lunch spread at The Spot. I have always been an evangelist for Pinoy local food and Tribal cuisines. The spectrum of palate memories from the Kalagan and Mandaya cuisines is actually the most memorable for me. The Ipasagan Pagkalagan na Manok has a taste that lingers.


We have all been tired from work. But not all have truly rested from that exhaustion. How rested are you?

The plantation life is easy yet fun. It is light yet satiates.




Book a life here https://www.hijoresortsdavao.com/ 




Five-star Office Space for the more “business-ready” Davao | Skynora Corp

Statistically and spatially, Davao City now coddles a more corporate society. The question now is, HOW YOU WOULD WANT YOUR OFFICE TO LOOK LIKE?

Keeping clients is as important as creating new clients. This is why having a space for the after-sales care activities is essential. No matter how “online” corporate mechanisms are done these recent years, you are “in” the market when you have an offline facility you and your empire could call as your “church of loyalty”.




May it be a single desk where your partners could air out their clamor or a private office where they can tag along a referral, an office facility is where they feel that they are heard. Not at the cafe nor via phone, neither on a chat box. You and your client deserve an office. And Skynora Corporation wants that office to be haute. May your company be a start-up or a unicorn, Skynora’s premium space and services help maximize the client’s benefits and minimize the cost at the same time.


Best for IT-BPO companies, the seat leasing services and rental options save yourself from the hassle of legal papers.

Ideal for satellite office inclusive of internet, pantry access, meeting room and boardroom access and lounge. Mailbox and parking available for lease.

Biggest in Davao with over 150 seats on monthly or daily rate. Meeting room, conference room, pantry, coffee bar and multipurpose room are available.

Not at the cafe nor via phone, neither on a chat box. You and your client deserve an office.

Existing in the marketplace is not just having a Linked-in, a Facebook page or a website. An office will always be an imperative to assure the consumers that you will always be there to hear them physically. A part of the criteria to be called a reputable competitor if not a market leader,  in the corporate world.

SOURCE: THRIVING WORKSPACES : An Overview of Davao City’s Office Space Market by Prime Philippines, November 30,2017, Volume 1, Issue 4, Page 6

Statistically and spatially, Davao City now coddles a more corporate society. The question now is, HOW YOU WOULD WANT YOUR OFFICE TO LOOK LIKE?


Book an office space tour now. (+63) 082-287-5761 I www.skynora.com