Why Someone who has Facebook, should trade-off 5% of their savings to CRYPTOCURRENCY?

What if the next time you surf, the Internet could convert and organize currencies “efficiently charge-less” because of ONE digital asset you started to own today?

Mark Zuckerberg’s innovation erupted the social media bandwagon. In fact,  Facebook has been such the friendliest teacher for then-offline people to be Internet literate. Its active members are the believers and living proofs that exchange of messages and media (Video, Photos, Soundtrack) could actually be FREE, making Telecommunication Companies fear their services (Call, SMS, MMS) to be obsolete in 2 years now.

However, what if the next time you surf, the Internet could convert and organize (transfer/ purchase, withdraw, deposit) currencies “efficiently charge-less” because of ONE digital asset you started owning today?

Scam sounding? Read back the first paragraph. More over, PayPal, when introduced was deemed fraudulent too. Now, online job incentives and purchases are processed through it. One more thing, Online banking is promoted now by your banks. Only, both place whopping charges and a bit procrastinating.

Stop reading this further when you are satisfied with your dormant money in banks or strategist managed stock market ventures. Don’t even read a word more when you don’t have faith (until now) to the unknown possibilities the Technology is yet to divulge. This is about Financial world cohabiting the Internet. Their synergy!

Cryptocurrency.  A currency in the Internet form. These are unique codes (algorithm) which when solved (mine) posses an intrinsic value (solution/coin). A medium of exchange which nominal value is determined by the number and rate of acquirers through the process of mining a predetermined, publicly known number of coins in a created system. It sounds too IT jargonistic but simply, these are codes with values. Values are influenced by the community who agreed to consider it as a means of exchanging resources.

So why would YOU swap a tolerable part of your money NOW to Cryptocurrency?

1. CRYPTOCURRENCY HAS COME TO ITS ERA: Bitcoin‘s success had startled the era of transactions using online currency. Since then, It served as the basis for innovations. Coins before were hard to earn due to costly equipments and highly specialized IT professionals. Before, cryptocurrency were just for the wealthy who can fund the hardware pieces and the experts who know the science of the process. Due to ONE recent innovation like making the mining process friendly to the majority, more people now are participating on this breakthrough which is changing the financial arena both online and offline, catalyzing that 2016-2020 will be the era of cryptocurrency.

12999636_10209335380849422_337658244_o2. EVOLUTION OF PAYMENTS. Years ago, we were reluctant in buying our desires through the keyboards and monitors. Now, I’m sure you know about Lazada, Ebay, and Alibaba. Reflect how you did not notice how commerce had evolved from Barter System to Paper Money to Codes with values.  As learned consumers, we would then find a payment mode which would help us save by eradicating transaction charges. As learned currency organizers, we would then find a medium of transfer that doesn’t let us fall in line like ants inside the bank or wait 3-5 days to receive the much needed remittances. Digital Money solves those.

3. SAVINGS DIVERSIFICATION. There is no such investment predetermined as safe. It is always about the battle of risks and return. As that classic investment tip teaches, sparing a fraction of your savings to be converted as a digital money is just in a way allocating some of your income to a new promising investment instrument. A bit of everything.

4. BE A MILLIONAIRE. The financial science of digital money is, when you earned the coin earlier than everyone else, it is still cheaper. As the coin hopefuls increase, the chances of earning the coin lessens igniting scarcity based to the available pieces of coins programmed to be mined. When majority is still studying about this breakthrough, you are already teaching the while earning. So learn this ONE, NOW.

5. LEGACY. Just like any other will-able asset, As digital money are recorded through the block chain through unique algorithm (codes), and as the technology continues to flourish to the generation of your offspring’s offspring, digital money lets your clan remembers you. They will be thankful.

12992346_10209300874466784_1781271094_nWhat is elusive about the benefits of technology is, you’ll never know it succeeded until one day you are already behind the comforts it resulted. Then you chase. Don’t be left behind. Adapt to the advancements.