Christmas Shopping List: 7 Items A New Family Wishes to Own to Start the Year

Home Credit Philippines is a family friend from now on.

For the “just became a family” this year, the Christmas gift giving is an opportune time to own as much new “family items” as possible, looking forward to a brand-new year. These items could be the family’s dream house and lot, an investment product or simply the fixtures and appliances we intentionally set inside our abode or any humble space as we create new sets of memories.

For my young family, these are seven of the items we aspire to own. Our Family Christmas Wish List 2022, I should say. And just if you also identify owning these items, you may crash out these in your list with Home Credit’s The Great 0% Interest Festival!

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1️⃣ An Inverter Air Conditioner

This is first in the list especially when you have a Newborn. Who would not want their little one to get an enough and pampering sleep? At that, with our tropical weather plus the kind of scalding heat in the recent years, an AC at home is already a necessity. Consider owning the units which possess the Inverter Technology though. These are environment-friendly types and have lower power consumption.

2️⃣ Tablet

Looking at your baby enjoying every Looloo Kids video on YouTube instantly sold any parent to own this device. It is not too small like your smartphone but not too wide and expensive like a flat screen TV. It is handy and portable anywhere like a smartphone. It is equally entertaining like a TV screen. It has just enough display for our Korean TV series marathon as a couple as well whenever Kolm is already asleep.

Top tech brands to name a few – OPPO, realme, vivo, Samsung, Xiaomi, Acer, Apple, Huawei, and Asus all offer tablets and other gadgets for learning and entertainment. These brands and other Home Credit’s partner stores nationwide are part of the 0% interest festival for the best deal that you can get this season.

3️⃣ Bluetooth Speaker

This is a perfect pair with the tablet. As for Kolm, he loves the Piñata and Seven Wonders of the World videos to be played with a louder volume. Truly, a chill moment for him. And since a Bluetooth speaker features communality to all devices, this gadget is also perfect to amplify the playlist from the parents’ respective smartphones, only to whoever’s device played this first: “The Bluetooth Device Is Connected Successfully”.

4️⃣ An Inverter Refrigerator

Jasmine loves to watch recipe videos for our baby’s food. And there is no other complementary appliance to those videos than a refrigerator that ensures the freshness of every ingredient. And again, for your bill’s sake, own a unit with an Inverter technology.

5️⃣ Washing Machine

Owning a good quality washing machine is like owning a time-extending machine! It helps us allot more quality time for us as a couple, us as a family and alone for some healthy me-time, by just simply putting our clothes on it, turning on the power and choosing the preferred cycle.

6️⃣ Fitness Equipment

Being new parents give us an added reason to be fit. And since we do not have an ample time to travel to the gym anymore, owning a fitness set at home is a good investment. A pair of dumbbells to train the biceps and a yoga mat to maintain the core and back muscles. Both parts should be in perfect function for carrying a baby. An indoor cycling bike or treadmill would also be a good idea to enhance cardio health to chase your little explorers once they learn how to walk.

Get these home appliances and fitness equipment from Home Credit’s retail partners such as SM Appliances, Robinsons Appliances, Abenson, FC Home, Home Along, AllHome, Emcor, and Automatic Centre.

7️⃣ Customized Christmas Hampers for Family and Friends

Yes! You can purchase different treats to customize holiday gift packs through Home Credit! Simply visit the partner stores and shop for the “Shopping Basket” – these are varieties of goodies that you can curate in bundles for Php 3,000 minimum worth of items. You can get them through a monthly installment plan now with 0% interest.

Every new chapter of our life demands a different version of ourselves. Subsequently, it also necessitates a different budget to sustain the transition. From being a bachelor to a family man is an example. That budget though, does not have to be too high especially when you have a partner to help you own new items as friendliest way as at zero percent interest. Home Credit Philippines is a family friend from now on.


Home Credit Treats Filipino Families With 0% Interest This Holidays 2022

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As a holiday treat for Filipinos, Home Credit Philippines (HCPH), launches The Great 0% Interest Festival with over 50,000 products offered at 0% interest rates at almost 10,000 partner stores nationwide. From your desired phone upgrades, quality appliances, and new furniture to awesome tech and digital finds — Home Credit has everything that you need for your holiday gifting for yourself and your loved ones!

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“Unarguably” with 0% interest, Jasmine would love to own one or two more items for the family this holiday. I am sure your wife is too! Indeed, better not pout, better not let your wallets cry because a huge blowout is coming to town!

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