My Kadayawan Revelry | From Food Hopping To Food Grabbing

Indulging in arrays of local Davao food was transitioned gracefully and appetizingly in the new normal, by the GrabFood PH superapp.

In the pre pandemic celebration of Kadayawan Festival, there are two things that excite me. One, attending Habi Kadayawan, a style spectacle of apparels made by various local designers, inspired from the rich 11 tribes of the city. Two, hopping through spreads of local dishes from Davao-grown restaurants, feeling that festive vibe traversing gleeful streets from one plate, platter rather, to another. The Festival is always about Fashion and Food, for me.


The New Normal Kadayawan Festival Celebration

When the regulation of social gatherings is mandated due to CoVid-19, the city’s festival steering body gracefully transitioned the celebration by airing the awaited events live through the Kadayawan sa Davao Facebook account. Such regulation also implied a feast-at-home celebration of the Festival. Indulging in arrays of local Davao food was transitioned gracefully as well and appetizingly at that, by the GrabFood PH superapp which lists more home-grown restaurants in their menu, offering more choices, availability and FEASTivities! 

Here are five Davao-grown restaurants and my respective favorite “Grabs” for the FEASTival or even for a usual day’s food cravings. 

  1. Dod’s Ihaw-Ihaw

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Feast At Home Through The GrabFood Kadayawn FEASTival Raffle Promo


 STEP 1: Order from a select list of restaurants on Grab (Grab Superapp).

STEP 2: Use the promo code “MADAYAW”.

STEP 3: Accomplish the raffle form here: (1 order equivalent to 1 raffle entry.)

* Promo runs from August 16, 2021 to August 31, 2021


● Grab will be awarding 10 winners with 40 GrabFood vouchers worth P250 off, no min. order required, and 25 winners with 8 GrabFood vouchers worth P250 off, no min. order required. Voucher can be used for any restaurant, in any city, and with no expiry date. 

● Electronic raffle draw will be on September 6, 2021 via online Zoom meeting with the presence of a DTI Representative.

● Winners will be posted on Grab’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (stories) accounts on September 9, 2021. Winners will be contacted by a Grab Representative on the same date. Winners will be notified via registered mail and in-app inbox message, too.

2. Lachi’s Sans Rival ATBP.

3. New Davao Famous Restaurant

5. Cecil’s Snack Inn and Bakeshoppe Inc.

5. Southwing Cafeteria

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We have indeed adjusted to the new normal. Working, schooling, doing business and even celebrating Fiestas, we all do these now at home, facilitated by an app or an online platform. As to for FEASTing-at-home, my app is Green! Before, hopping. Now, Grabbing. Happy Kadayawan! 


Fashion Weekend Davao 2017 sizzles Menswear with Tribal Flair

2017’s run articulately ornamented the Fashion Weekend Davao’s vogue vision to be Mindanao’s premier annual fashion event and lifestyle platform. Women and yes for Men, Fad life is here!

As teased during the launching forum, Fashion Weekend Davao’s culminating fashion show Cruise 17| 18 sashayed virilely stylish collections of men’s wear for dapper yuppies on this year’s 4-ply climax show, Abreeza activity center, August 6.

Follow through the captions for the CLOSER’S STYLE REVIEW : This Kadayawan tribe inspired DODJIE BATU menswear collection was personally the show’s spotlight.

Two parts were dedicated to the opportune celebration of Kadayawan 2017. Davao Fashion Design Council members paraded their garb creations inspired by the 11 Kadayawan tribes of Davao and their garment interpretations of the globally awarded furniture masterpieces of Davao jewelry and furniture designer, Ann Tiukinhoy Pamintuan.



BAMBA LIMON CRUISE 17 I 18 COLLECTION: The usual formal shirts with pleasing tints and tribal patterns. Deals smooth closing ahead when you’re wearing these.


ARMY UTILITARIANISM by WINDELL MIRA:  Who would have thought that there’s a glamorous robustness appeal from the coalescence of tribal patterns and army prints in one wear?! Impressive mix!



DODJIE BATU CRUISE 17I18 COLLECTION: Paisley details, rear fashion twists and collar wing twitches. My favorite collection amongst.



Shirt jack Barong with a tailcoat length like that of a Tuxedo. I covet wearing Barongs with the modern styles especially the shirt jack type. Had at least 3 of such style in my closet for work closing fat accounts. Though, personally ain’t too convinced yet with the twitches on the collar wings, seeing Batu’s fad twist on the rear of this piece somehow is a grabber of excitement and fascination to one of these days to close more deals donned with this.





A solitary men’s garment interpretation for Ann Pamintuan’s furniture pieces, Batu continuous his tosses from the usual formal collar wings. (Below Left) Versions for ladies wear (Below Middle) Davaoena jewelry and fashion designer Ann Pamintuan (Below Right)



A masterpiece by Ann Tiukinhoy Pamintuan.


Completing the quartet fashion episode is the High Street Fashion display of appareals from Abreeza Mall’s own luxe brands. Lastly, “Kadayawan Faces” featuring makeup brand Artistry.


Luxe Brand apparels as wash day style pieces. From Worship Generation Abreeza. (Below left) Collezione Abreeza (Below Right) GAP Abreeza.




With Davaoeno designers making their creations a stitch of flamboyance more every year, indeed 2017’s run articulately ornamented the Fashion Weekend Davao’s vogue vision to be Mindanao’s premier annual fashion event and lifestyle platform. Women and yes for Men, Fad life is here! See you next season!