Honda Flagship Shop opens with Riders’ Lounge and Test Circuits

The Philippine’s largest HPI flagship shop – A hybrid of motorcycle retail concept shop with test course facility and an exclusive lounge for Riders in a 6,960 sqm expanse.

Concurrent with the launching of six new Honda Motorcycle models, the partnership of Honda Philippines Inc (HPI) and DESMARK dealership unveils the Philippine’s largest HPI flagship shop in Davao city – A hybrid of motorcycle retail concept shop with test course facility and an exclusive lounge for Riders in a 6,960 sqm expanse.



Minutes after the inauguration rites, I started roaming around the spacious display area. Not the usual bike retail shop you’ve been in. With the cozy settings of the customer’s lounge, you would thought you’re about stay in a lavish hotel.

Still looking for what would uniquely describe a Honda Flagship Shop, I met Ms Jang and started to network a bit. Apart from the showroom, spare parts and power products display area, Davao’s HPI Flagship shop features a 1,500 sqm test circuit where riders can get that feel while riding a Honda motorcycle they are involved to own. The Rider’s Hall upstairs is also phenomenal. Jang sizzled. She tried to get consent from the in-charge while I also called my fellows Mark, Joseph and Teresa.

Just two more floors up, I thought of the intricate recreation floor of the well-appointed vacation club property I am working in. Imagine a lounge, 250-seater function room, recreational facilities and my favorite, the veranda with the pseudo poolside appeal! With all these features as free, I applaud HPI and DESMARK for innovating such irresistible overture for their owners and such a wise yet thoughtful move to sustain bigger market share being the number 1 motorcycle brand in Asia.

Honda Flagship Shop was already inaugurated in Cebu last January 2017 while that in Manila would be within the 2nd quarter this year. All  Riders’ club leaders should know about this (Send this link to a rider you know).

With all these features as free, I applaud HPI and DESMARK for innovating such irresistible overture for their owners and such a wise yet thoughtful move to sustain bigger market share being the NUMBER 1 MOTORCYCLE BRAND IN ASIA!

Caliber Machinists | One Stop Motorcycle Shop

Davao’s Honda Flagship Shop has one of the largest service shops in Mindanao with resident machinist Mr Ace Acedo who represented the country in Vietnam for the Mechanics Olympics. Complete array of spare parts and accessories is of instant availability since Honda warehouse is just behind the store. Honda Philippines staff also serves at the 2nd floor for any owner’s inquiry. Indeed, a one stop shop for bike ownership, your after sales concerns and mechanic maintenance.

Honda Philippines Inc. President Daiki Mihara graced the inauguration (Above Left). Interior and display of the retail concept shop.

“Even with a showroom this grand, We at DESMARK will never waiver our core value which is to provide best quality Honda products at ultra affordable prices. We aim to always be the lowest priced with the best installment rates not just in Davao but in the country” Maricris Du, VP for Operations during her opening message.

The Power of Dreams for young yet stylish hustlers | The All-new BeAT FI


A scooter style motorcycle is a reflection of my hip and chill mindset whenever out from the sales table. Having a slim yet sharp form, It has cool and convenient to maneuver appeal with the compactness that complements to my typical Asian stance and built. Newly designed wheels and tubeless tires appeal like your BeAt strutting a new trendy shoes along the streets to which everyone turns their head to.

The idling stop system, which offs the engine and produces zero exhaust emissions during brief stops supports both environmental and frugal advantage as this promotes superb fuel efficiency. Think off the metro’s traffic and your on-the go deliverables! The ACG-starter for a smooth and quiet start connives your graveyard shift commutes or work-hard-party-harder nights out. The Combined Brake System (CBS) for optimum braking balance between the rear and front tires is stellar for the safety of trendsetter hustler millennials like us. Lastly and is expected, It has adapted Honda smart technology with the lightweight and compact 110cc-Liquid-cooled enhanced Smart Power (eSP) engine for enhanced performance to accelerate that yuppie dream! Own a BeAT at PhP63,900 available in all Honda 3s shops nationwide.

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More of the latest models and the real feel of this phenomenal hybrid shop along Buhangin, Davao City from Monday to Saturday, 8:30AM to 5:30PM. Type in the Flagship shop mobile 0912-528-7398. Dial for that dream. Now. 


Iligan’s Southern Waterfall Trifecta and How to Get there

imageWith almost 2 dozens of waterfalls splashing around the city, Iligan is no doubt a refuge for travelers from the mainstream of white sands and beaches, mountain ridges and adventures, urban life and party. I am talking about spicing up your trot pics with mist and cascades and getting wettish!

Just if you wanted to pattern the fall hopping with mine, capture these 23 falling water formations by the divide and conquer tactic. For the first target, it will be called, the Southern Waterfall Trifecta – A hidden swash, a resort neighbor fall and the famous queen of them all!

Since we are heading all southern destinations, you could just rent a Habal-habal (Public Motorcycle) for this 4-hour-escapade. Just plan whether you wanted the whole trip ending with a distinctly Iligan spiced lechon baboy lunch in front of the famous Timoga spring pools, 8-12nn or ending with a beef randang dinner in a famous block in the city, Iliganon (Pala-o Branch), 2-6pm. Yes. 4hours for 3 fascinating falls.

TIP- book your Habal-habal the night before at the City's postal building, just left from the St Michael's Cathedral. There's a convenience store "Shoppe24" where a lot of these motorcycles are arrayed for a passenger. You'll see them sprouting by 10pm. You could buy something and sit first inside Shoppe24 on the seats facing the glass wall. This is a perfect view to eat while choosing who is the driver you wanted to hire by looking whoever has the most trustworthy appeal. Hahaha Do your haggle and set the meeting details for the next day. Don't give any peso yet, just exchange phone numbers. Paid Php 400.00 for the whole ride.
A church has always been significant for me, more so in traveling. It lets you feel the temperament of the society your destination has. Churches (in the Philippines) are most of the time situated on a most strategically accessible spot in a city and that I believe churches are best starting point in your itineraries. 
Snapseed (3)
Her hydro power feeds 75% of the Philippine’s largest (among the 3 major) island’s electricity. Almost intimidating especially when you are on the ground deck. There’s a viewing deck on the 3rd level.

From the cathedral to the first fall, that is the queen – Maria Cristina Falls, It would take you 30 mins the most. Just go straight going south with the national highway. When you have across the Agus bridge, that’s the bridge with Iron bars inked with yellow, just turn left just really after the bridge. Then just follow through the entrance. It is a hydroelectric power plant compound. You could avail but have to wait for the free ride around or you could just enter directly with your wheels after the entrance fee. Paid 110p (30/head and 20 for motor).

She is powerful! Her pour is dominating. Massive! When you are nearing her you could hear her splashing. Seem drowning your ear drums. You could see how mighty her drops are since the river where she flows seems on a blitzkrieg towards the bay. The flow is almost reaching the roads you are paving. Really strong and yet as they call it Majestic!

TIP- Be there with Her twin. I mean when it is on its full blast. Ideally be there before lunch. You should see a rock between Maria and Cristina. That also means better photos. 
I told you. The encounter is intimate.

Next is the charming fall beside a resort. Mimbalot Falls! Just reach back the national hi way and go straight just before Linamon bridge. Turn left, always left until you’ll see her. Naturally timid first with the colossal trees and almost unnoticed because of the entrance booth of the resort on her left

When you finally see her whole body, she is with oozing charisma. Inviting yet whispering to you that be cautious. Her rocks that makes her curvaceous might be dangerous. The view with her is very intimate. It’s like you’re so near to her but she just lets you be wettish not totally wet. She is the most approachable of them all.

TIP- you could also set her to be the last stop so you can choose to go inside the resort with its facilities with reasonable rates. You could get a cottage and spend time resting near Her. 
The shades of green she creates. Hidden. Worth to be sought.

Finally to complete the trio. Tinago falls! As it means in Visayan term, Hidden. Expect the travel to be far, wide and lengthy than the journey from the first two. When you get back to the hi way, turn right. Always remember, you don’t have to cross the Linamon bridge. Then just few minutes you’ll see a street going right narrowed because of seafood vendors and public Sarao jeepney with barkers. Turn right. You could also see signages of “Going to Tinago Falls, Maze Resort or Taytay Pools”. That’s the right way. Just follow through the road. This time, always right.

Just 30 minutes the most, be cautious with the small signage of Tinago falls. Vehicles are left at the accepting grounds. Don’t worry it is guarded by the friendly baranggay dwellers. No specific fees, they just call it donations. That is one for the park guard (20p). One in the entrance shed where there’s a box for donations (30p) and one for your accommodating tour guide whom I gave 100p for being so compassionate with my girlfriend who was panting as we ascend almost 500 steps from Her.

She is really hidden. That’s 20mins more walking from the park to her. I lost my count either when we descended her steep stairs. If the queen roars her splash on your ear drums as you nears her,

She on the other hand, masks her mist on your face as you are approaching. She hugs you with cold cascade breeze and trap you with her enchanting shades of green from the trees and twigs to her spring and moss covered rocks. She is just tempting. I personally even forced myself to leave her. Hidden. Worth sought for.

Her hydro power feeds 75% of the Philippine’s largest (among the 3 major) island’s electricity. Almost intimidating especially when you are on the ground deck. There’s a viewing deck on the 3rd level.

As I end this with enchanting memories and when you finished reading it with hallucinations, prep your gears. Be back to the real. Book your fare to Iligan. Visit them. They are waiting and you refer them as She. Her.