Own More Books at The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale With Paymaya QR Scan-To-Pay Cashback

You can add money to your Paymaya account at the Book Sale venue.

A Paymaya Add-Money-Here Machine is available near the check out counters. You can add money to your Paymaya account here.

Book lovers rejoice whenever over a million brand-new English books are at up to 90% less. Discounted book price means either more funds to save for other things to buy or more books to take home. Either is definitely a nothing-to-lose choice every time the world’s biggest book sale – the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale (BBW) opens its doors. 

A 2017 survey by the National Book Development Board states that Filipinos still enjoy reading books, but their budget does not permit them to purchase new books on a regular basis.

As a thrifty bookworm or even just a budget-conscious casual reader, what if there is one more way to own more books apart from the 50% – 90% discount when book shopping at BBW? That is if you do not pay your purchase in cash. “Paymaya” and get up to 100% cashback!

How to download the Paymaya App : PayMaya Releases Newly Designed, EMV-enabled Card | How to Get | How to Upgrade


Hunting for Business and Economics, Sales and Marketing and Self -Help books.
  1. LOOK FOR THOSE BOOKS FIRST. TAKE YOUR TIME. The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is 24 hours open and at free admission.  Books are restocked daily. BBW allows you to stock books to binge read all year long on affordably priced books.

    A unique QR code will be generated for every book purchase.
  2. LOAD CASH TO YOUR PAYMAYA APP AT THE VENUE. Before going to the cashier, you can load cash to your Paymaya account through the Paymaya machine near the check out counters. Paymaya representatives are also there to assist you.
  3. PROCEED TO THE CHECK OUT COUNTER. Let the cashier punch your book purchase. Wait for a while as they generate the QR code of your transaction.
  4. SCAN-TO-PAY THE QR CODE. Open your Paymaya App. Tap the Scan To Pay option at the lower part of the screen.
  5. TAP “BUY”. OWN THOSE BOOKS! The amount of your purchase appears on the screen after the scan. Tap Buy at the upper right area of the display. A confirmation message appears after the successful scan-to-pay purchase.
  6. ENJOY UP TO 100% CASHBACK PER TRANSACTION. Your scan-to-pay transaction entitles you to receive 1%, 10% or a whopping 100% cashback. Another way to save as you own your favorite titles!


  • NON-FICTION ( Business and Economics, Sales and Marketing, Architecture and Design, Biography, Cookbook, Arts and Crafts, Music, Fashion, Self help and more)

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  • FICTION ( General Fiction, Literature, Thriller, Romance, Young Adult)
  • MAGICAL BOOKS with Augmented Reality (AR) technology.
  • CHILDREN’S BOOKS (Activity Books, Picture Books, Coloring Books, Sound Books, Pop-up Books)

Indeed, Paymaya being the official payment partner of this year’s BBW visit in Davao is the most helpful partnership for the frugal bibliophiles.

SCAN-TO-PAY THE QR CODE. Open your Paymaya App. Tap the Scan To Pay option at the lower part of the screen.

Tangent from saving funds or buying more, an efficient payment app – Paymaya, provides the opportunity for everyone to access financial services, whichever in the social strata you belong. Simply, everyone can own what they want efficiently, everywhere, when you Paymaya. It is better than cash.




Taiwan Excellence Brings Wondrous Innovations in Davao Via Taiwan Expo 2019

Featured industries are technology, agriculture, design, medical care, education and tourism.

Have you been to Taiwan? In 2018, the number of Filipinos who visited the island republic increased by 44.13%. These Pinoys were not just intrigued with the country’s food scene and picturesque views. They were also curious with the palpitating innovations of Taiwan – the “heart of Asia”

“The Taiwanese economy lists global powerhouses such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and IBM as part of its clientele.”


While the Taiwanese umami and spectacular sceneries remain reasons for you to fly out, those who can not visit the country yet can experience Taiwan’s wondrous technological innovations without leaving the Philippines. This is through the help of Taiwan Excellence (TE) through Taiwan Expo in the Philippines 2019. Taiwanese products which are awarded with the Taiwan Excellence Award will be showcased in respective pavilions at the SMX Convention Center, Davao on November 8-9. Featured industries are technology, agriculture, design, medical care, education and tourism.

For those who are looking to get the best Taiwan can offer, look for the seal of the Taiwan Excellence Award.

“Products selected for the Taiwan Excellence Awards serve as shining examples for the domestic industry. Apart from the distinction, these products and brands are also promoted by the Taiwanese government on many international stages,” said Tony Lin, deputy director of the Strategic Marketing Department of the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA).

Taiwan: At the forefront of technology with Taiwan Excellence

The Taiwan Excellence Awards covers different products that are used in various sectors such as manufacturing, education, healthcare, transportation, e-commerce, smart living, green energy, and public service.  

“Taiwan Excellence works to connect people through innovation and excellence, which they can feel in their lives every day,” Lin added.  

Over the past year, Taiwan has grown into a global leader in innovation by supplying solutions to modern problems. The value they provide is so gigantic that the Taiwanese economy lists global powerhouses such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and IBM as part of its clientele.

Thus, for those who are looking to get the best Taiwan can offer, look for the seal of the Taiwan Excellence Award. Indeed, Taiwan is at the forefront of technology with Taiwan Excellence.

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Globally relevant innovations

The following are companies and brands awarded with the Taiwan Excellence Seal that provide concrete solutions to real world problems, effectively transforming the dreams of a smart future into reality.


Taiwanese tech giant Acer has been developing a self-driving car that will usher in a new age in smart transportation. During the project, they partnered with Yulon Group, one of Taiwan’s top car makers.


The SeaDragon XLR

TTRobotix’s SeaDragon XLR, a remote-controlled robot and submarine, that can dive 300 meters deep to aid in surveillance, rescue, or marine research.


Everest Display Inc. boasts its Cloud Touch Projector. Unlike traditional projectors, the device can be used independently with its built-in Android system and a range of unique functions and features.


Revolutionizing personal hygiene is the Eleclean disinfectant spray, made of 100% pure water with no chemical additives. Housed in a compact device, the water is electrolyzed to create reactive oxygen species that are strong enough to kill most disorder-causing microorganisms, while remaining gentle so that it doesn’t cause skin irritation.



To help people adjust to rising air pollution rates, Edimax created EdiGreen Airbox, a smart air quality detector with temperature and humidity sensors. It accurately measures the levels of harmful miniscule particulate matter present in the air.


A triumph in the field of smart healthcare is being developed by AmCad Biomed. Their AmCadUT Thyroid Cancer detection machine uses the power of algorithms to automatically classify thyroid tumors. According to Peter Wu, president of AmCad, the machine can analyze whether a tumor is benign or malignant. In addition, it has an average accuracy of 90 percent, 15 to 25 percent higher than that of the most superior experts.

Be IN Taiwan without going TO Taiwan

It is easy to get lost at the rate Taiwan beats life-changing products. Thus, when you finally get the chance to visit Taiwan, do not just wander around street foods, milk teas and landscapes, explore more and even own a piece of the country’s globally relevant technologies. Meanwhile, experience the elite class of Taiwan’s wondrous innovations without going TO Taiwan. You are IN Taiwan while you are in Davao this November 8-9, the Taiwan Expo 2019.


V9, Vivo’s emerging bestseller, records 18,000 pre-orders in less than two weeks

A record breaking number less than two weeks before its set release date.

Distinct with its AI powered photography and 6.3-inch, 90% screen-to-body ratio display, Vivo’s V9 overwhelms pre-order expectations of whopping 18,000 units as of April 5. A record breaking number less than two weeks before its set release date, April 6.Photo 2Pre order photo 1

Pre-sold from March 26 to April 2, Vivo Philippines assures the excited V9 owners that additional units for their inventory are already on its way to cope up the demand of its newest bestseller. This means that you can still own the V9 at PhP 17,990. Head on now to any authorized Vivo shop near you.


The V9 is a sleek, polished smartphone that comes in Pearl Black and Gold. Besides the improved AI Face Beauty technology, over 40 AR Stickers are built in to make taking selfies even more fun.

Pre order photo 2
Vivo is looking a brighter 2018 ahead as it is the official smartphone of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.

Vivo is very grateful to its loyal followers for this impressive pre-selling rate. The global smartphone brand assures its fans that it will keep on pushing its boundaries to introduce consumer-friendly revolutions.

Check out Vivo’s official YouTube page for more information. I Facebook I Instagram I Twitter .