These Vivo features make you feel you are using an Outdated Smartphone

Innovations which have definitely made VIVO second to none in terms of smartphone innovations.

When you have been following every smartphone that Vivo has released for the past years, you definitely appreciate how innovative an added feature is in every newly launched handset. Disruptive, world’s first, pioneer, industry-leading – these are just some of the way tech savvy “netizens” react on every surprise Vivo sprinkles to its latest smartphone.

From external designs to unique user experience, here are hallmarks that Vivo has thoughtfully made that every smartphone user deserves.

Pop-out camera

Photo 5
Vivo NEX: The selfie camera only comes out when the user needs it.

Vivo wowed the world early 2018 with the release of its concept smartphone APEX that achieves a nearly 98% screen-to-body ratio. APEX features an 8-MP Elevating Front Camera that seamlessly rises in 0.8 seconds when it is required, then retracts after use. This technology was made commercially available when Vivo NEX was released in June 2018.

Screen SoundCasting Technology

Photo 6
Vivo APEX: Packed with world’s first specs like the Screen SoundCasting Technology.

The Screen SoundCasting Technology was first introduced in APEX. It was then launched for commercial release in the Vivo NEX. It replaces the traditional earpiece speaker by turning the screen into a speaker. It achieves this by sending vibrations through the screen with the exciter unit. This allows Vivo to reduce the top bezel and to enhances sound quality with more powerful bass, and softer, smoother treble.

Time Of Flight 3D Sensing Technology

Photo 7
The TOF 3D technology: Vivo at the MWC Shanghai 2018.

Vivo revealed its Time of Flight (TOF) 3D Sensing Technology at MWC Shanghai 2018. It promises a paradigm shift in imaging, AR, and human-machine interaction to elevate consumer lifestyles with new levels of immersion and smart capability. This pioneering TOF 3D Sensing Technology detects the time it takes an emitted pulse light to return to the sensor to accurately map objects at up to three meters in front of it.

In-display fingerprint scanner

Photo 4 (1)
Vivo’s In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology: It replaces the rear fingerprint sensor with the latest under-display scanner

Vivo is also a pioneer in developing ultramodern yet convenient unlocking methods. Vivo has recently revealed that it has advanced the fingerprint scanning method by making the technology available on a screen. It debuted the first ready-to-produce in-display fingerprint scanning solution at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas last January.

Vivo in June 2018 introduced in the Philippines the Vivo X21 with the pioneering In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology. It replaces the rear fingerprint sensor with the latest under-display scanner.

Bezel-less screens

Photo 3 (1)
The Vivo NEX features an industry-leading 91.24% screen-to-body ratio.

Vivo is also a leader in enhancing every patron’s screen display experience. At the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain last February, Vivo revealed a concept phone called the APEX™ FullView™. It features a typical 5.99-inch screen, but its screen-to-body ratio nearly reaches 100%.

The V9, meanwhile, boasts of a 90% screen-to-body ratio with its 6.3-inch FullView™ Display.

Vivo X21, on the other hand, has a 6.28-inch 19:9 FHD+ FullView™ Display. It has a super slim notch and a 1.66mm side bezels to achieve a 90.3% screen-to-body ratio to provide a wider viewing experience compared to other similar-sized phones.

Despite these impressive specs, Vivo is not yet done. The newest Vivo NE has an Ultra FullView™ Display with a 91.24% screen-to-body ratio, achieved by introducing industry-first features like the Elevating Front Camera and the Screen SoundCasting Technology.

High-Fidelity music

Photo 1 (2)
High Fidelity-ready Vivo smartphone models: Brings music to life.

One of the first innovations of Vivo was its decision to put a dedicated Hi-Fi quality audio chip in its smartphone, making it the first brand that gave proper attention to its handsets’ sound quality. Vivo introduced its Hi-Fi Quality Audio Chip in X1 in 2012.

It continued this legacy in their succeeding flagship models. The Vivo X21 is equipped with the AK4376A Hi-Fi audio chipset enhanced with Deep Field technology. This was developed by Vivo to provide panoramic surround, mega bass, clear voice effects, and various environmental audio effects to allow users to customize their audio experience.

The Hi-Fi audio quality of Vivo X21 provides close-to-reality that can instantly upgrade the two-channel music to 360-degree full surround sound or continuously push the natural bass into the ears to bring the clearest and brightest vocals.

Over 20-MP front cameras

Photo 2 (3)
Vivo V7+ so real selfie: Reel and real couple Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla take a selfie using the Vivo V7+.

Vivo has been dedicated to understanding its patrons and understood fully well the world’s obsession with selfies. It revolutionized the selfie game when it came out with a 20-megapixel dual front camera in V5 Plus. It is the first smartphone brand to do so, leaving the others working hard to catch up.

It was then followed up by the 24-MP front camera in V7 and V7+. In fact, Vivo V7+ was hailed as the best selfie phone in 2017 by many tech blogs and sites. The next model with 24-MP AI-powered selfie camera of the V9, proving that Vivo never stops pushing the limits in perfecting the features that matter most to its patrons.

These features have definitely made Vivo second to none in terms of smartphone innovations. Vivo does not just simply update what your handset can do. Vivo creates another capability your smartphone can perform in every experience an owner imagines. What could be the next? We do not know yet. What we know is, Vivo thinks generations ahead, leading the future of the smartphone industry.

About Vivo
A global smartphone brand focused on introducing perfect sound quality and ultimate photography with cutting-edge technology, Vivo develops innovative and stylish products for young people. We now have over two hundred million users and are one of the preferred brands of young people around the world. As an Official Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup™, Vivo believes in the importance of encouraging young people to embrace self-expression and an energetic lifestyle. In the Philippines, Vivo is the top 3 smartphone brand in terms of market share with 1.5 million users nationwide.

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at or check out their Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( accounts.


V9, Vivo’s emerging bestseller, records 18,000 pre-orders in less than two weeks

A record breaking number less than two weeks before its set release date.

Distinct with its AI powered photography and 6.3-inch, 90% screen-to-body ratio display, Vivo’s V9 overwhelms pre-order expectations of whopping 18,000 units as of April 5. A record breaking number less than two weeks before its set release date, April 6.Photo 2Pre order photo 1

Pre-sold from March 26 to April 2, Vivo Philippines assures the excited V9 owners that additional units for their inventory are already on its way to cope up the demand of its newest bestseller. This means that you can still own the V9 at PhP 17,990. Head on now to any authorized Vivo shop near you.


The V9 is a sleek, polished smartphone that comes in Pearl Black and Gold. Besides the improved AI Face Beauty technology, over 40 AR Stickers are built in to make taking selfies even more fun.

Pre order photo 2
Vivo is looking a brighter 2018 ahead as it is the official smartphone of the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018.

Vivo is very grateful to its loyal followers for this impressive pre-selling rate. The global smartphone brand assures its fans that it will keep on pushing its boundaries to introduce consumer-friendly revolutions.

Check out Vivo’s official YouTube page for more information. I Facebook I Instagram I Twitter .

AI-powered photography, FullView™ display | Vivo V9 excites Philippines

Vivo Philippines lets over 200 guests to try first its V9 flagship unit with the sunset as the backdrop of their selfies.

​”Perfect View, Perfect Shot Summer” Launching

Held inside the summer-themed ambiance of Wave at City of Dreams Manila, Vivo Philippines lets over 200 guests to try first its V9 flagship unit with the sunset as the backdrop of their selfies. Indeed a perfect shot, perfect view summer unveiling.

Anyone can enjoy a V9 for a “perfect” price of Php17,990 with pre-orders beginning on March 26 until April 2.

The launching event continued at the City of Dreams Grand Ballroom with Myx VJ Ai dela Cruz as the host. They were formally welcomed by Vivo Brand Director Annie Lim who recapped the smartphone company’s feats in the Philippines. Vivo executives then answered questions from the media.

Since it entered the Philippine market in 2016, Vivo has been steadily rising to become the country’s top three brand with over 5,200 stores and 1.5 million users nationwide.” – Brand Director Annie Lim

Scorching Reasons to own a V9


1. WIDEST SCREEN DISPLAY: It has a 90% screen-to-body ratio.
2. CLEARER PHOTOS: A 24-megapixel selfie camera and A 16MP+5MP dual read camera
3. SMART PHOTOGRAPHY : AI-powered photography for a “perfect view” and a “perfect shot.”
4. PLAY WITHOUT INTERRUPTION: The improved game mode enables users to take calls or open other apps without pausing the gaming applications.
5. PERFECT TAG: Anyone can enjoy a V9 for a “perfect” price of Php17,990 with pre-orders beginning on March 26 until April 2.

Fresh Faces of Vivo


Hailed as the preferred smartphone of the millennials worldwide, Vivo also welcomed its newest endorsers, who shall be ambassadors of Vivo’s belief in the importance of embracing self-expression and an energetic lifestyle. These are up-and-coming actors Edward Barber and Ivan Dorschner.

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the VIVO WEBSITE . Check out the social media accounts for updates: FACEBOOK PAGE I INSTAGRAM I TWITTER .

Vivo teases a “perfect shot, perfect view” Summer with Latest Smartphone

MARCH 22. A mobile phone experience perfect for the scorching  season to embrace self-expression and an energetic lifestyle.

“Another innovative flagship phone this March 22.” Vivo Philippines sizzles. Following the success of the V7 plus and the V7 release, the top global phone manufacturer is set to send the mobile phone industry in frenzy with the release of yet another millennial stunner.

The latest of Vivo’s smartphone series promises bigger and better mobile phone experience perfect for the scorching  season to embrace self-expression and an energetic lifestyle.

Users can expect that the new offering features the enhanced specs of the V7 phones’ impressive thumbprint features, centered on delivering flawless selfie shots made even better by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) beautifying tools. Dedicated in delivering perfect photos, expect a souped-up HDR mode of the camera.

A wider display feature is also making a buzz, complemented by a full HD resolution. As the V7’s successor, the Game Mode feature is expected to still be on board in the list of specifications along with the futuristic Face ID and fingerprint unlock component.

The mobile phone industry awaits with bated breath as Vivo’s freshest charmer is set to be out in the market. Although these specs are merely founded on speculations, one thing that is certain – Vivo will never disappoint.


4 Unique Gifts for Him for a more “Vivo” Valentine’s Day Couple Pic

V-day gift giving game is not anymore about how expensive the gift is. It is now more of which is a more unique kind of present. Here are four not-so-common, yet still love-evoking gift ideas for him this Valentine’s season.

With social media helping to broadcast your love to your significant other this Valentine’s Day, the V-day gift giving game is not anymore about how expensive the gift is. It is now more of which is a more unique kind of present. Here are four not-so-common, yet still love-evoking gift ideas for him this Valentine’s season.

A Pot of Herbs


Your man may not be comfortable receiving flowers from you. Hence, a pot of herbs would be equally thoughtful yet longer lasting. Basil, for example, can be really savory when one is cooking a pasta for dinner (even instant noodles) or a therapeutic tea for cough and colds. How would you feel, he prepares a meal for you the next time you visit his place using these? Other herbs could also be mint, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, or oregano.

ALTERNATIVE: Cactus or Bonsai for his office desk or study table.

Wine-infused Chocolates

imageSprinkling a more masculine appeal to a classic Valentine’s Day gift, opt for spirit-infused chocolates. This twist is just as tasty as its after effect. Even non-alcohol drinkers will enjoy the succulent flavors made even more romantic with booze. Whiskey and Bourbon infused chocolate bars are the most popular, but so are the subtler ones like Red Wine and Chocolate Kahlua.

TRY: Dark cherry rum chocolate from Tina’s Treats

Grooming Kit


imageYou love your man well groomed every time you strike a couple selfie! Thus, a grooming kit for him is such a useful gift. A basic grooming kit usually contains a high-quality wooden comb, a pot of pomade perfumed subtly with musk, and a vial of beard oil which works wonders when your man is contemplating growing a neat beard. Fragrances are also in the kit and even a small bottle of shampoo to complement the comb-pomade essentials.

ALTERNATIVE: A membership card on a high-end barber shop like the CHOI DEAL CARD.

Travel Tickets for Two

e 2nd with vivo logo DSCF0425

You will love more your photos with the hashtag relationshipgoals! The Philippines has a lot of breathtaking destinations as backdrop for you couple photos! Air fare is affordable too!

TRY: Book a trip to Hijo Resorts Davao in Tagum City, Davao or to the beaches in Glan, Sarangani Province.

“VIVO” Valentines Vibe


For all your adventures and milestones, make Vivo V7 a part of it. Vivo V7 proves that big things come in small packages. The V7, much like its predecessor, the equally dynamic V7+, reinforces Vivo’s leadership in selfies with its 24MP front-facing camera, which produces above-quality selfies—perfect for those romantic date nights. By keeping true-to-life color and contrast and a clear background at all times, V7 allows users to express themselves practically anytime, anywhere at their whim. The V7’s smart photography algorithms generate crystal-clear, natural-looking photos. To complement the V7’s powerful camera feature, the Beauty 7.0 feature brightens up selfies and creates a more even complexion, even in dimly-lit environments. Portrait Mode in the V7 adds background blurring for sharper contrast and visual appeal to generate stylish selfies equivalent to those from DSLR cameras. But that’s not all. The V7 also rocks a 5.7” all-screen display with an 83.6% screen to body ratio that would normally house a 5.2-inch screen, offering 12.5% more visual display area compared to traditional 16:9 screens. This V7 feature enhances consumers’ visual experience, a perfect element to satisfy this generation’s very visual demographic. Lastly, this smartphone’s security spec is super secure with its revolutionary finger-print lock feature.

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at I Check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

After Stephen Curry, VIVO introduces fresh influencers for Philippines

Loisa Andalio, Inigo Pascual, Maris Racal, and Chienna Filomeno : VIVO Philippines

In the Philippines, Vivo places as third most popular smartphone brand with at least 1.1 million users and 5,200 stores and counting nationwide. Globally, Vivo boasts 200 million users and growing.

It has been a “wow” in the smartphone industry last September 2016 when NBA superstar Stephen Curry signed as Vivo’s biggest ambassador. To further push as the top smartphone choice in the Philippines, Vivo introduces four brand celebrity supporters from famous network ABS-CBN. Actress, Loisa Andalio, talented teen heartthrob Inigo Pascual, and television personality Maris Racal, and model-actress Chienna Filomeno.

Loisa Andalio : Loves Vivo V7’s FACE ID feature

Loisa Andalio, 18, (LEFT) came into the limelight when she joined the 5th regular season of Pinoy Big Brother where she was dubbed as the “Talented Darling of Paranaque”. Loisa is currently a member of an all-girl group G13 formed in 2013. The talented Loisa, known as an influential millennial celebrity with a vast social media following, currently has 1.17 followers on Twitter, 2.7 million followers on Instagram, and over 600,000 followers on Facebook.

Loisa loves her Vivo V7+ because of the phone’s Face ID feature. Futuristic enough, Vivo offers this feature which is a surely-safe security access to one’s smartphone, where phone unlocks with mere facial recognition. The Face ID feature enables the V7+ to “wake up” with the user simply picking up the phone, raising it in portrait mode to unlock it and it is ready to go. As a dancer, Loisa is also thrilled with the V7+’s fully-upgraded AK4376A Hi-Fidelity audio chip supports the latest sound technology and levels up mobile audio technology, enabling any music lover to enjoy rich and full rhythms.

Maris Racal : Loves Vivo V7+’s powerful 24MP CAMERA, FACE BEAUTY feature

Maris Racal, 20. She first came to fame after placing second in Pinoy Big Brother All In and was later signed up with Star Magic as a member of popular all-girl group Girltrends and just last year as a member of an all-girl sing and dance group BFF5. Maris was paired up with fellow Vivo influencer Inigo Pascual where they are collectively known as MarNigo which now has a strong fan base. Maris’ popularity on Instagram has risen in a short time, now with 2 million followers. She has over 700,000 followers on Instagram and more than 200,000 fans on Facebook. Maris makes a perfect Vivo influencer for her talent and her status as an iconic millennial. Her love team with Inigo Pascual is also one of the most famous and important power pair of recent years.

Maris loves Vivo V7+’s powerful 24MP and Face Beauty feature which produces perfect selfies each time, a perfect selfie-taking companion for celebrities like herself with a strong social media following.

Inigo Pascual : Enjoys Vivo V7+’s 5.99 all-screen Display with an 84.4% screen to body ratio, Smart Split 3.0 feature and Hi-Fidelity audio chip

Inigo Pascual, actor and recording artist. The son of premier actor Piolo Pascual, Inigo has established his own name in the industry with his good looks and talent. He is the artist behind the 2016 hit single Dahil Saýo, the first number one song on Billboard Philippines’ Philippine Top 20 chart. Inigo is quite popular on social media, no wonder Vivo signed up the young influencer to push the brand. Inigo’s Instagram followers are 2 million strong, with a Twitter following of over 700,000 and a Facebook fan base of over 300,0000.

Inigo is happy with the Vivo V7+’s 5.99 all-screen Display with an 84.4% screen to body ratio, providing a more exciting and enhanced game and visual experience. Its Smart Split 3.0 feature allows Inigo to check his messages, mails, among other things without interrupting the current running app—perfect for very busy smartphone users on the go like him. As a singer, Inigo also appreciates the phone’s Hi-Fidelity audio chip which rocks above par mobile audio technology making music clearer and crisper to the ear.

Chienna Filomena: Thanks Vivo V7+’s 24Mp FRONT CAMERA and FACE BEAUTY feature

Chienna Filomena, 20, Model-Actress, was also a prolific cosplayer for popular anime characters such as Tsumug Kotobuki, earning her a great number of Instagram following. Started cosplaying at 2008 Chienna attended the popular cosplay festival Ozine Fest—her first where she came as Sakura Haruno from popular anime series Naruto Shippuuden. Currently, Chienna makes television appearances as noontime show Showtime host apart from learning to DJ. An influential young celebrity, Vivo chose Chienna to represent its brand to the hip and young crowd.

Chienna’s popularity on social media is continuing to rise with 1.3 million Instagram followers, over 200,000 fans on Facebook and more than 300,000 following on Twitter. Chienna’s vast Instagram followers can be attributed to her gorgeous selfies, thanks to Vivo V7+’s 24Mp front camera and Face Beauty feature which produces only the clearer portraits. The phone’s all-screen display is also something Chienna appreciates about the Vivo V7+ as it allows her to appreciate her photos better.

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at or check out their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.