How to Arouse Emotions for a Surefire “IT’S-A-YES!” Proposal

When a novice is weaned from the mock pitch to the first actual sales table battle, I often suggest to treat the whole sales experience as a courtship. Prospects are wooed by a suitor who isn’t servile, without affectation and knows his and his package’s worth.

1. Tease the Hot Button – Identify their passion the soonest you can. Drive the pre-pitch pep talks to the mood which make them verbalize their hobby or the non-work related association they are in. One’s passion is an affect booster. It is the core matter in the warm up.

☝🏼️motivation, advocacy, stuff they cant live without, things they collect.

2. Whisper the Opportune Words – Choose your words so strategically. Hoard a pre set of words for your pitch which then you’ll pick from to be the most suitable to your guest’s profile. There is a specific term in every intensity of an emotion dependent in every shade of behavior.

☝🏼️synonyms, superlatives, words of positive association, connotations, jargons, colloquial terms, technicalities.

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3. Pant the Metaphors – This enhances involvement, clarity, agreeability and empathy. Articulate the benefits of the offer with comparisons to things which are familiar to the prospects. This calibrates how relatable the pitch is.

☝🏼️ Simile, symbolism, personification, reckon, equate, compare

4. Indulge in Sizzles – Describe experience by appealing to the human senses. The kind which startlingly creates imagery. When the brain starts to visualize, One’s behavior (choices) stretches to turn the imagination into reality or at least nearest to what’s real.

☝🏼 detail, customize, articulate, pause, gestures, voice, facial expression, eye dynamics, motion.

5. Foreplay with Sob Story – Identification is powerful. It assures the ego of being safe and correct. Making someone see their selves in you increases affinity. It makes them nod. It makes the meeting feels so right. People love their selves and so as someone whom they see their selves like.

☝🏼️ Turning points, similarity, defining moments, coping, common grounds.

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6. Be kinky with Hypotheticals – It’s like a spot psyche quiz so you would know the philosophical facets of the prospect. Dissect and use the answers of the following to intensify effect of emotional triggers. “What if”, “If you were”, “given the chance” “if you could just choose between… Why?,  “If you could go back to that time when…”.

☝🏼️Fears, frustrations, austerity, delayed gratification, morals, logic, frugality, survival instincts, defense mechanism.

There is a specific term in every intensity of an emotion dependent in every shade of behavior.

Emotions are denominations of every relationship. The more emotions strategically triggered, the more relevance the offer inflicts to the prospect’s life. Thus, the more value they place to your package. Value which then dictates not anymore as to whether or not they’ll avail your offer, but rather the quality of their paying arrangements to your proposal. Done deal!

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