Denims to Deals: Tricks to rock Denims at work

Denim has that rugged appeal. An impression which the corporate dress code has stringent restrictions. A punctuation-near to a taboo clause on the human resource handbook. Undoubtedly though, Denim has this intra-occupational charm. Who would not want to mix a denim piece on their wear set for work? How to turn these denim pieces to be appropriate for corporate dealings?


Type of Wash

It is ideal to choose either the raw wash denim or the bleached denim. These washes appear plain and smart. Both finishes don’t have creases, distortions or high contrasting patterns. A Raw denim finish could be blue which mimics the usual navy blue slacks perfect for corporate appeal. These could also be black, brown, any darker tint depending on the dye used. Bleached denim finish on the other hand, is the lighter but still plain versions. From white to light blue, depending on how long the bleaching was done.


Tag it along with Leather

For denims to be more corporately de rigueur, leather would be an ideal accomplice. Remember to filter which piece on your outfit to be the denim. Denim shirt paired with office slacks or a work smart shirt and denim pant in tandem, just don’t over dress a denim then, tuck in. Use a belt and a leather shoes with the same color. Brown leather is perfect for denim. Not the metal studded or the buckled. Try it also with leather shoes with minimal brogue details.



PICKS: SM Lanang Exclusive Denim Preview

Black raw denim with stripes from SM Men store
Shirt hues that rock when paired with denim pant from SM Men store.


The unique appeal of Stand collar shirt from SM Men store would also look nice with your denim pant. Just tuck it in.



The fortification of being a Master Closer is when you have let the prospect sign on the dotted line. Your choice of wardrobe though, affects how people perceive you as a specific kind of breed. Clothing helps a lot on positive first impressions. As to for choosing to strut a Denim, the deal is closed more of HOW you are wearing a carefully picked wash and a not “over denim-ed” look.


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